You can now download your translation memories from Redokun

by Paolo Agostinetto Paolo Agostinetto 2 minutes to read

With today’s update, you can now download all your TMs with just a couple clicks.

Currently, we support two export formats: TMX and Microsoft Excel 2007.

The TMX format is a standard used by the majority of translation tools. It comes in very handy when you’re working with outside translators.

If you are among those using Redokun as a ‘translation hub’, this is a very important feature because it allows for having multiple translation vendors for your projects. For instance, you can now easily switch between translation vendors and share with them all your TMs in order to lower your translation costs, since you have control over your TMs.

Paolo Agostinetto
Paolo Agostinetto

Project Manager & Co-Founder at Redokun

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