You can now import your Translation Memory

by Paolo Agostinetto Paolo Agostinetto 2 minutes to read

Today we’re happy to announce a long-awaited feature: You can now upload your own Translation Memories (TM).

In a world where companies are always looking to streamline their workflow, the key to success is integrating different tools and processes to achieve the best possible results faster. In this context, a fast transition from old tools, workflows, and procedures to new and innovative ones becomes crucial.

Starting today, you can import your Translation Memories in TMX and Excel (XLSX) formats and reuse your past translations made with other tools.

This is an essential feature for companies migrating their translation workflow to Redokun, as well as companies working with both internal translators and external translation vendors.

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Note: This feature is available on the Medium Company and Enterprise plans.

Paolo Agostinetto
Paolo Agostinetto

Project Manager & Co-Founder at Redokun

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