Introducing Machine Translation (New feature)

by Paolo Agostinetto 2 minutes to read

Machine Translation has evolved a lot in recent years and nowadays it has become a powerful tool for translators. Even if companies working on such technology admit that it is still far from giving perfect results, it’s still a valuable asset for translators who benefit from having a translation to use as starting point. Some editing might be necessary, but it can save a lot of time, especially on simple and short phrases which need less editing.

As of today, you can use machine translation suggestions inside the Web Editor and translate your InDesign documents even faster. To get the MT suggestion for a translation, just click inside an empty translation box or click on the “MT” icon on the right.

Machine Translation suggestions are only available on the Medium Company plan and up

Under the hood, we use Google Translate and its latest algorithm version (Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT)). This new algorithm substantially improves translation results when translating to and from English.

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Paolo Agostinetto
Paolo Agostinetto

Project Manager & Co-Founder at Redokun

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