Introducing our new InDesign extension

by Paolo Agostinetto Paolo Agostinetto 2 minutes to read

Today we're releasing a brand new InDesign extension on Adobe Exchange.

If you've used advanced InDesign features like content anchoring and threading text frames, you may have noticed that the text location and order are not always accurate when presented on Redokun (whereas the generated document is fine).

To fix this, we've just introduced an InDesign extension on Adobe Exchange (Adobe's extension marketplace) that you should try.

This NEW extension transparently adds metadata to your file that Redokun uses to scan the document in the correct order.

Install the InDesign extension

After installing the extension, you won't need to do anything else, as it will automatically activate every time that you save an IDML file.

If you're currently using our old “Redokun Power Tools” script, we suggest deleting it and installing the new extension since it provides the same features and will receive automatic updates through Adobe Exchange.

Side note: If you're not familiar with Adobe Exchange, it's the official Adobe extension directory for all CC applications. Every Adobe CC user has free access to it, and it currently contains more than 3,000 plugins, some free and some paid.

You can also learn more about the extension through our Help Center.

We've been working on this for quite a while and have done a lot of beta testing so we hope this will improve your experience with our tools. Have any questions or feedback? We want to hear what you have to say.

Paolo Agostinetto
Paolo Agostinetto

Project Manager & Co-Founder at Redokun

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