ContextMatch has been merged into the pre-translation interface.

Translate using ContextMatch

With Redokun, you can automatically translate your documents by using your Translation Memories (TM). When you use this feature, Redokun compares the content of the source document segment against segments of the same language in your TM.

To fill the translation, Redokun uses 100% matches and check that they have the same context (Context match).

A context match is a segment that has the exact same content of the already translated segment (100% match). If two identical segments are preceded by the same segments, then you have a Context match and the previous translation will be used.

See how to use ContextMatch in this video or follow the instructions below.


Start using ContextMatch

1. Upload your document in IDML file format.

2. Choose the source language.

3. Add all the target languages you want to translate your document to.

Choose the target language


4. Click on the ‘Apply ContextMatch’ icon on the right side of the page.

Apply ContextMatch


5. Select the languages you want to translate and click the 'Apply ContextMatch' button.

Select the languages you want to translate


6. Redokun automatically translates your file in all the languages you selected.

Select the languages you want to translate

You can still use the ContextMatch function even if you have already translated part of your file. All the translations already done will be kept.

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