View and Update your TMs with TM Manager

The terminology you use in your translations is very important. Marketing departments, as well as technical ones, often struggle at retaining the same language across different publications.

Redokun already helps you maintain a greater level of consistency by storing everything you translate and suggesting it for later use.

However, sometimes teams have a need for deeper control over terminology and translations.

Redokun’s TM Manager is the ultimate solution for this need.

The TM Manager is only available on the Enterprise plan

What can you do with TM Manager?

The TM Manager allows you to:

Search for words/sentences inside your TMs

1. Go to the “Translation Memory” page and click on “TM Manager.”

Click on ”TM Manager”

2. Type a word/sentence (1), indicate if you are searching for a source text segment or a translation (2), and select the language pair (3).

Search the term

3. Redokun lists all the matches found in your Translation Memories (TMs)

List of the matches

Have an overview of all the occurrences found inside your documents

1. Search for text segments inside your TMs (see the section above)

2. Click on the button “n° occurrences” to list all the occurrences of a given word/sentence in both your documents and imported TM files.

Click on “# occurrences”]

From the list of occurrences, you can open the document and go to the page where the first occurrence was found by clicking on "Go to first segment." Then, you'll be able to edit its translation.

N.B. When a text segment is used in more pages you’ll be able to jump to the first occurrence of any page where the text segment was used.

Occurrence in more pages of the document

Edit of a single occurrence in a single document

1. Click on “Go to first segment”

Click on “Go to first segment”]

2. Redokun opens the Web Editor exactly where the first entry is listed.  You can quickly edit the translation from there.

Edit of a single occurrence in a single document

Edit of all the occurrences in a single document

If the text segment is present more times in the document, Redokun will pop-up a message that offers to update all the entries in the document.

Click “Update” to overwrite all the translated segments.

Edit of all the occurrences in a single document

Update of all the occurrences in all the documents

With the TM Manager, you can also update a single translation in all the documents with a few clicks.

1. Identify the text segment you want to edit and click on “Update.”

List of the matches that indicates the text segment to update

2. Edit the sentence and then click “Replace # occurrences.”

Edited translation

The text segment will be updated in all the documents (both active and locked).

Updated document

Hide and Unhide suggestions

From the TM Manager, you can Hide and Unhide translations by simply clicking on the button “Hide” or “Unhide.”

This feature is very helpful when you want to change the terminology in your documents while keeping the same translation in previously translated files.

Hidden suggestions will be highlighted in yellow.

Hidden suggestion

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