Working in a team

If your department has more than one manager or designer, then you might want to set up your team in Redokun so you can collaborate on the same projects.

Once you create a team, you become the team owner and you can invite other managers. Usually, the team owner has the account which is associated with the Redokun subscription (the account you used to buy the plan).

When you add a new manager to the team, Redokun immediately sends an email to the email address you provided.

A manager can:

  • Access the shared page balance
  • Share their documents with the rest of the team
  • Share the translation memory
  • Manage all the translators of the team
  • See who is on the team

Additionally, the team owner can also:

  • Invite and remove members from the team
  • Change the name of the team
  • Change or upgrade the subscription
  • Access the audit log (if enabled for the plan)

Create a new team

To create a new team, go to Settings > Managers and pick a name for the team. Later you’ll be able to invite your colleagues to join the team. The team "Organization" can be changed in the Settings > Account Settings page.

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