Product > Translate with the integrated CAT tool

A simpler way to translate

Forget about messy translated files - focus on the content instead

Translate safely

Move throughout the translation with the tab key, Redokun automatically saves any changes you make

Mark your translation as a draft

Don’t stop translating, don’t let doubts distract you. Use the status flag to remind yourself to check it later

Suggested translations

If the word or sentence to be translated has already been used in your past documents, Redokun suggests that it can be used again. This increases uniformity throughout all your documents and saves you from having to translate the same sentences more than once

Page preview

See where the segments are on the document


See spaces at the beginning and at the end of the segment, so that you know when you have to type a space and make the replacement fit perfectly

Confirm translation

‘Confirm translation’ freezes the translation and automatically sends an email to the document owner. Now the file can be generated

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