Starting the translation process on a new document can be overwhelming as you realize there is so much work to do. That is why Redokun enables you to pre-translate your documents as soon as you upload them in order to reduce your translators’ workload.

Pre-Translate InDesign document

You can also run the pre-translation process later, clicking on this icon inside the document view:

Pre-translation is a simple process consisting of 3 simple steps:

  1. Translating using 100% matches with the same context: use translations that have the same source segment and have the same surrounding segments.
  2. Translating using 100% matches: translate the segments that are still empty using the translations that have the same source segment.
  3. (Enterprise plan only) Machine Translation: translate the remaining segments using the translations coming from our MT vendor.

You can optionally mark these pre-translations as a draft so that your team knows which translations need to be checked.

What is the difference between 100% match with context and without it?

When a segment has been already translated, it is considered a 100% match because the source segments are identical and so the same translation could be used with a good amount of confidence.

100% Match is a translation that comes from a segment that is identical to the one you are translating.

In this case, the two source segments (the one from the document you already translated and the one you are translating) are identical.

Since the source segments are identical, the same translation can be used with a high level of confidence. However, we suggest that a person proofread the final document in any case, because depending on the topic, tone, etc. a segment may need to be modified from the translated version.

100% Match in the same context, on the other hand, takes the matching algorithm a bit further.

A “100% Match in the same context” is a 100% match that also has the same surrounding segments.

Take, for example, a company that translates the brochures of their products. These brochures likely have a few parts that are in common, for instance, the company profile or the introduction of the product line.

This is where this kind of matching algorithm shines as all the parts that are common in your documents can be translated safely and likely don’t need editing.

Compared to “100% match,” translations populated with “100% Match in the same context” have a higher likelihood of being correct and on-topic.

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