Translate your marketing assets 3x faster — all with an easy-to-use translation management platform

An incredibly simple translation tool that automatically preserves your document's design while your team translates the content. Get instant translation suggestions from DeepL, Google Translate, and your previously approved projects to speed up your workflow.

Simplify your translation process with Redokun

Redokun helps you save time while producing high quality and harmonised translations across all your markets.

Incredibly easy to start using

You and your team can learn how to use Redokun in just a few minutes, even if you’ve never used translation software before. The interface is simple and clean - just upload your document and start translating online.

Centralize your team's translation efforts

Have one dedicated space for internal or external teams to access and collaborate on documents. Share feedback, track progress, and revise documents directly in Redokun - without ever needing to create an email thread.

Instantly boost translation productivity

Redokun helps your team translate faster and better with simple yet powerful translation tools, including Translation Memories, Machine Translation, and Glossary. Get instant AI-powered translation suggestions, and quickly reuse and repurpose your past translations when working on new documents. Projects become more efficient, cost-effective, and consistent across all content.

Leverages the speed of machine translations

Use our built-in Machine Translation vendors to instantly pre-translate entire documents, with up to 94% accuracy. Choose from Google Translate or DeepL, and you’ll never have to translate a large project from scratch. Just review and polish the AI suggestions.

Translate every file format while preserving the layout

Redokun supports a wide range of document formats. You can translate all your content types easily without having to worry about formatting issues. You can download your translated catalogs, brochures, presentations etc. in the same design and format as the original.

Supercharge translations with AI suggestions

Redokun takes care of the tedious tasks that you don't have the time for.

Start projects faster

Just upload your original document and assign your translators - no need to copy-paste or use spreadsheets. It’s the same process whether you need to translate for 5, 20, or 40 markets.

Focus on translating new content, just as quickly

Even for brand new content you’ve never translated before, you can reduce the workload by using AI-generated translation. Simply review the final output.

Reuse and repurpose translations easily

Redokun highlights text segments that are similar or identical to segments you’ve translated before. Quickly reuse or repurpose past translations to achieve consistency in any language.

Deal with document updates efficiently

Made a change to your original content? Just upload the updated document in the source language. Redokun will highlight the newly-added text for your translators.

Simplify your translation workflow from day one

You can start using Redokun easily today without extensive training. The simplicity of Redokun helps you onboard your entire team quickly, so they can focus on getting things done and delivering results.

Just upload a document, select the target languages, and invite your team to translate using Redokun’s AI-powered translation interface.

Without installing any software, simply sign in and start translating wherever you are.

Accelerate your translation efforts

Use Redokun’s simple AI translation tools to produce high-quality documents quickly while shortening your time to market. Content that used to take your team months to produce, now only takes a couple of days to finish.

Translate entire documents in seconds by using automated AI suggestions, as well as translations you’ve approved in the past. Your team only needs to review the output instead of translating everything manually.

Track the progress of all your languages easily

Translate, update, and exchange feedback on your documents without leaving Redokun. Keep everyone involved in the loop with just a few clicks. You’ll never have to start another email thread for every target language you need.

When you need a status update, just log into Redokun to view the progress of all languages. And ping team members to ensure they’re on the right track, no matter where they are.

The easiest way to translate your documents. Free for 14 days.