Web Editor: Translate your files online

Redokun has an integrated translation tool (Web Editor) that enables you to translate your documents online.
Watch how to use the Web Editor to translate your documents in this video or follow the instructions below.

Step-by-step guide

1. Upload your document in its original file format, which is saved from the software where it was created. Redokun supports the following file formats: Adobe Indesign, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SRT, and XML.

Tip: If you want to translate an Adobe InDesign document, visit this page to see how to export an IDML file from the software for translation.

Upload an IDML file


2. Choose the source language.

Choose the source language


3. Choose the target language.

Choose the target language


4. Choose the translator. You can also translate the document yourself by setting "(Me)" as a translator.

Choose the translator


5. Your translator will automatically be prompted to register and start with the document translation.

Invitation email example


6. Your translator will start working on your InDesign document translation.

Translation page


7. Once the translation is finished, the translator will confirm her or his work and you will receive an email notification. If you are translating the document yourself, confirm the translation before exporting the file by clicking "Confirm translation" in the Web Editor, or the confirm icon in the document's detail page.

Confirm translation


8. Download the translated document with the same styles as the original file.

Download the translated IDML file


To separate and preserve style changes or special characters Redokun uses tags (Link) and markers (Link). If the source language contains tags, then you should place each tag in the corresponding translated phrase.

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