We understand how important the responsibility to safeguard your data is. Every person or team using Redokun expects their data to be secure and confidential. With this in mind, we take confidentiality and security of your data very seriously.

If you have additional questions regarding security, see our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service or write us at [email protected], we will be happy to answer them.

Security Practices

The website and the service are only accessible via encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSH) and we also encrypt user credentials. We follow all the industry standards to keep our infrastructure secure and prevent unauthorized access to our customers data. We don’t outsource IT operations other than hosting. Support is handled internally so we are the only ones who have access to your files and data, if needed for support purposes. Also, see our Privacy Policy.

Deletion of Customer Data

We keep your data for 5 days after you delete a document, a translation or your account. We don’t delete the data immediately so if it was done by mistake, we have the ability to recover the data within 5 days. If needed, we can also delete permanently all your data on request, before the end of the 5th day. Also, see our Terms of Service.

Infrastructure and storage

Our IT infrastructure is geographically distributed in two locations: UK and France, although we are an Italian company. We also rely on Amazon Web Services for storing static files (eg. IDMLs), and these files are stored on one of Dublin AWS datacenters.

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