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Scaled Document Translation

Translate multiple documents in minutes — without sacrificing quality

in minutes

Get a simple and scalable translation process for big projects that doesn’t waste time or break budgets.

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Minimize tedious tasks. Maximize translation efficiency.

Your company is growing. Great! But that also means you need to push more material out to the markets, with limited time and resources.

Redokun helps you save up to 60% of your time by automating all of the boring, manual tasks related to project management and document formatting. All while your translators work 3x faster with built-in AI tools that ensure speed, quality, and consistency.

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The speed of translation is quite impressive in that it doesn’t take [much time], maybe a couple of minutes when you translate from English to eight markets.”

A headshot of Kenni Anderson, Graphic Team Lead at Rockfon
Kenni Andersen
Graphics Team Lead, Rockfon
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Translate all kinds of documents, no matter how complex

Redokun supports even the most design-heavy InDesign and Powerpoint files.

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Streamline your translation efforts with a time-saving workflow


All it takes is a few steps. No onboarding needed.

Upload your documents in the source language and invite team members to translate with a few clicks.
Select “Pre-translate” to translate the documents automatically with AI outputs (optional step).
Your team members can translate online with help  from machine translation engines and your past translations.
Download the finished document(s) with all the design and formatting intact.
Do the final check before your documents are ready to go!

Find out how WhizCut reduced their translation costs by 80% with Redokun

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I was checking with three or four translation agencies, and then they said it was going to cost €5,000 euros to make the translation. And so I went into Redokun, opened up the file, and then translated all the easy stuff. So I went from having, let's say, 50,000 words to having 10,000 words [to translate]. And all of a sudden, the translation was only a fifth of what was quoted from the beginning. That really saved us a lot of money.”

A headshot of Chris Schmidt, Managing Director of Whizcut
Chris Schmidt
Managing Director, WhizCut
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Scaled document translation

Discover the features that help you take your projects from chaos to complete in just 1/10 of the time.

Redokun's app UI

Store and reuse your past translations instantly

As your translators work, every approved translation gets saved for instant reuse in your projects. Improve quality and consistency without even lifting a finger.

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Redokun's app UI

Pre-translate entire documents in seconds

In just a few clicks, you can get an entire first draft ready for your team to review. Reduce your workload significantly by focusing on polishing the output, not translating from scratch.

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Redokun's app UI

Speed up translations with automatic AI suggestions

Get instant suggestions from Google Translate and DeepL while working in Redokun’s Web Editor. No need to switch tabs, copy-paste or get distracted.

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Redokun's app UI

Generate fully formatted translations in one click

Automatically save all approved translations and for instant reuse in your projects to improve quality and consistency.

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Redokun's app UI

Translate any document online in a simple interface

Redokun automatically extracts the text from your document and organizes them neatly for translations in the online Web Editor.

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Redokun's app UI

Stay in control with easy progress tracking

Keep all of your documents for translation in a single space, organize them into folders, and check the progress of each task at a glance.

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Redokun's app UI

Automate tasks related to project management

Everything from, assigning tasks, communicating with translators, and placing the translations into the file for publishing—you can do it all in a few clicks.

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Redokun's app UI

Update your documents whenever you need

Got any yearly, quarterly, or even last-minute revisions to your documents? Just upload the new file—Redokun will instantly revise your document in all target languages.

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Redokun gave us a system we could easily share with people we don’t have in the office and who don’t work with us side by side, so it became a universal method. It helped us optimize the time. And it helped us empower the people who take charge of the translations to do a job well done."

A headshot of Barbara Stivan, Marketing Manager, DEA System

Hundreds of marketing teams are achieving results with Redokun — and so can you


Translation consistency at Solar Solutions.

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Translation productivity at FranklinCovey.

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Translation productivity at Rockfon

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Translations done on time at DEA System.

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How many words can I translate per month?

Depends on your plan! Our Starter Plan allows you to export up to 600,000 words per year, whereas our Premium Plan gives you unlimited words translated yearly. Check our Pricing Page for more details.

Will Redokun translate my documents for me automatically?

Redokun is a document translation tool that helps your team members work more efficiently to tackle a growing workload. You will have the option to generate AI suggestions while translating. There is also the option to pre-translate documents using a combination of your translation memories and machine translation.

However, we always recommend having a human translator review these translations before publishing them.

How many languages does Redokun support?

Redokun supports translation into more than 80 languages. See our full list of supported languages here.

Can I get a free trial of Redokun?

Absolutely! You can try Redokun with your team right now. Get a free 14-day trial here. For a personalized walkthrough of the tool, we highly recommend booking a demo (with our fun co-founder Stefano 😉).

Have a question that isn’t listed above? Try a personalized demo - we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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