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As translation volume grows, you feel like you have to sacrifice speed for quality and consistency.

You put a lot of time and effort into making sure a translation is error-free, uses the right terminology, and meets your organization’s standards. But this isn’t scalable as the translation requests keep coming in.

For some projects, you might even collaborate with external partners. This means taking even more time to get everyone aligned on translation guidelines and expectations. Hence, project timelines keep shifting to accommodate repetitive content reviews and revisions.

Translations can be done quickly & consistently if you have a second brain – that’s Redokun

second brain

Redokun remembers your company’s previously approved translations + terminology guidelines, allowing you to instantly reuse or repurpose them in new projects. For everything else, there’s instant AI-suggestions.

Upload your original document to Redokun, add target languages, then invite your collaborators.
You can opt to pre-translate the entire document first,  using AI suggestions, company-approved translations, or both!
Using Redokun’s Web Editor, you can work on the translations, polishing the AI output as needed. Alerts will appear if a translation is inconsistent with your company’s Glossary.
For better context, the Web Editor will even show you page previews for documents like InDesign and PowerPoint.
When a translation is complete, you can download a file that has the same layout & styles as your original document.

Using this exact workflow, you’ll save weeks in translation turnaround and push more content to market.

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Before, a translation would take as long as a week and a half; now we have everything in three days. You gave us a system we could easily share with people we don’t have in the office and who don’t work with us side by side, so it became a universal method. You helped us optimize the time. And you [helped us] empower the people who take charge of the translations to do a job well done.”

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Barbara Stivan
Marketing Manager, DEA System
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Helping in-house translators take charge of their projects.


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Translate all your documents under one roof – without having to extract the text yourself

Redokun supports more than 10 file formats you can upload directly to start translating, including InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JSON, and XLIFF!

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Be more productive & consistent with Redokun

Very easy to use

With a simple UI, your team won’t need intensive training or onboarding.

Supports multiple file formats

Upload InDesign, PowerPoint, XLIFF, JSON, and many more directly to Redokun. No need to extract any text yourself.

Handle the document’s design independently

Even as a translator, you can help with the document’s formatting instantly. Redokun preserve a document’s original layout and styles automatically so designers don’t need to recreate them in the new language.

Meet your company’s quality & technical standards

Redokun automatically tells you how to translate specific texts based on your Glossary + the way you’ve translated them before.

Automatically reuse & repurpose translations in subsequent projects

Helps you stay consistent across different content types & document versions.

AI-powered suggestions

Get instant translation suggestions from Google Translate or DeepL. They can even be enhanced further if you add your Glossary to Redokun.

Collaborate with anyone

Using just one tool, your team managers can quickly start projects with in-house teams or external agencies. No messy email threads or spreadsheets needed.

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