Quick Revisions

Deal with document revisions across multiple languages in seconds

When you revise marketing assets, Redokun updates the content in all languages while keeping existing translations intact.

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Implement revisions in 100+ languages simultaneously
Update your translated InDesign files with ease
Spend significantly less time in the "Review" stage

Reduce delays with quick translation revisions



Hit project deadlines without painful manual work

With Redokun, you don’t need to store 28 different versions of your documents for every target language. Instead of going through each one to highlight what parts have changed, just upload the revised file in the source language—Redokun does the rest for you.

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Redokun's app Quick Revision UI
Redokun's app Quick Revision UIRedokun's app Quick Revision UIRedokun's app Quick Revision UI



Focus on translating new content only

Redokun highlights and notifies your translators about the sections that have changed, while preserving the translations of the source text that remains unchanged. Translators can start implementing revisions immediately in Redokun’s Web Editor. You stay in control with minimal stress. 

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Redokun's app Quick Revision UI


automatic formatting

Download the revised documents with the design intact

You can finally say goodbye to endless copy-pasting. Once the translations are done, you can download the revised version of your document with all the formatting intact — with just a click of a button.

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Redokun's app Quick Revision UI
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“Redokun has saved us so much time and money. It’s been worth every penny of the investment. [...] Our designers now have more time to work on creative projects rather than being tied up with the mind-numbing task of copying and pasting between files.”

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Allen Venables
Head of Studio, EC English Language Centres

Speed up the revision process for these types of marketing assets—and more

and more

With Redokun, you can revise your existing assets in every target language in no time—no matter if it’s last minute, quarterly, yearly, or even two years later.

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