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“The speed of translation is quite impressive in that it doesn’t take [much time], maybe a couple of minutes when you translate from English to eight markets. I think that’s what I’m most impressed by.”

A headshot of Kenni Anderson, Graphic Team Lead at Rockfon
Kenni Andersen
Graphics Team Lead, Rockfon

Accelerate your time to market with a streamlined workflow


Reuse previous translations

Assign only new content for translation

Fill in repeated text from translations you’ve already approved in the past, even before you invite team members to work on the document. Time, energy, and money saved—all while ensuring consistency in your marketing assets.

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Redokun translation UI
Redokun translation UIRedokun translation UIRedokun translation UI



Combat translator’s block with machine translation

For an extra boost to your translator’s productivity, use AI suggestions from DeepL or Google Translate to fill the empty segments. With up to 94% accuracy, your team can focus on reviewing the output—not doing everything manually.

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Redokun translation UI



Keep things consistent with personalized machine translation suggestions

The best part? Redokun will use the correct terminology from your glossary in Redokun to suggest machine translations that remain consistent with your company and industry.

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Redokun translation UI

Types of marketing assets suitable for pre-translation

Manuals icon

Expedite the manual translation process with MT, and have your human translators refine the suggestions for technical accuracy and fluency. Best of both worlds.

Brochures icon

Company profiles, slogans, and taglines should always stay the same in every language. With pre-translation, you ensure consistency in your copy.

Catalogues icon

Why re-translate when you can pre-translate? Redokun will automatically fill in your old product descriptions that carry over from your previous editions.

Any large-volume documents

Avoid project limbos from limited resources by pre-translating your documents in bulk. Get thousands of words ready for your human translators to review—just like that.

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“I went from having, let's say, 50,000 words to having 10,000 words to translate. And all of a sudden, the translation was only a fifth of what was quoted from the beginning. That really saved us a lot of money.”

A headshot of Chris Schmidt, Managing Director of Whizcut
Chris Schmidt
Managing Director, Whizcut