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You can now download your translation memories from Redokun

With today’s update, you can now download all your TMs with just a couple clicks. Currently, we support two export formats: TMX and Microsoft Excel 2007. The TMX format is a standard used by the majority of translation tools. It comes in very handy when you’re working with outside translators. If you are among those using Redokun as a ‘translation hub’, this is a very important feature because it allows for having multiple translation vendors for your projects. For instance, you can now...
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Redokun just got much easier to use

After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce an important change to how Redokun works. Today, when you login on Redokun, you’ll see a brand new way to preserve your document styles, using simpler tags and markers. This is our last step in a wider effort to simplify Redokun and improve the overall user experience. Because the power of Redokun is realized when you have to translate your document without having to teach your coworkers how to use the tool properly, we wanted to tackle th...
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We’ll be speaking at Digital Publishing Explorers on April 1st

Our own Stefano will be speaking at the Digital Publishing Explorers Conference in Bologna, Italy, on the first of April. The talk will be about how to set up a translation workflow within a digital publishing context. We’re very excited about this opportunity as this conference represents the main event about this topic in Italy. Speakers at the DPE Conference include Michela di Stefano and Claudio Marconato, both PepCon speakers and pioneers in the digital publishing landscape in Italy. This...
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InDesign shortcuts (Printable cheat sheet)

Become more productive – download the cheat sheet, and print it to always have a reference of the most important shortcuts. Learn how to create or personalize your own shortcuts in InDesign.
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How to: Text Wrap – InDesign CC 2017

Text wrap is easy, useful, and takes less than a minute to be set up. See the different ways of using this handy InDesign feature, and learn how to wrap text around anchored objects and inline images.
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InDesign: Choosing a multilingual publishing solution

An ecosystem of external and internal software solutions flourished in the last 5-6 years or so. The rise of web applications and standards initiated a new era of end-to-end solutions, filling the market with web-to-print software and other InDesign automation applications. Let's explore each InDesign translation solution, and why choosing Redokun makes sense both for companies and single designers.
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19 Tips To Optimize Your InDesign File For Translation (Free Ebook)

Free InDesign Ebook
A short guide for InDesign users who work on multilingual projects. It'll give you an exhaustive look into the issue of creating an InDesign document ready for translation.

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