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Terminology management

Ensure your company’s key terminology is translated consistently


Maintain the same translation quality across different documents, without having to triple-check the output.

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Different colleagues or vendors produce translations that still need to be corrected for inconsistencies.


Maybe you use special technical jargon in your industry. Or maybe you need to pay special attention to trademarked names, or adhere to style guides.

When translations are done by different people inside and outside of your company, the task of checking their output often falls on you. (And your to-do is already overflowing.)

Use Redokun to create and manage a database of your approved terms and translations.

Run instant checks & suggestions while your team is translating in Redokun


Upload your original document.
Add target languages and invite team members.
While your team is translating, Redokun automatically provides suggestions based on your company’s Glossary and past translations.
Download the finished translation with your original formatting intact.
Ready to publish and deliver to your target markets!

Every approved translation helps inform future projects and collaborators

Redokun always remembers how you translated specific terminology, phrases, and even entire sentences.

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It saves time, and the translations are consistent with each other, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.”

A headshot of Daniela Moreale, Marketing Manager at Solar Solutions.
Daniela Moreale
Marketing Manager, Solar Solution Group
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Terminology management made simple

Discover all the features that allows your team to go ”hands-free” on tedious translations tasks.

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Translate online

Invite your colleagues to start collaborating in real time on Redokun. Keep track of all ongoing projects at a glance.

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Automatic file formatting 

Preserve your original document’s styles and layout so you don’t need to reproduce them in new languages.

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Pre-translate documents

Instantly translate entire documents with our built-in AI databases. Reduce the work and mental load on your team.

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Machine translation suggestions

Get instant suggestions from Google Translate or DeepL to generate ideas and speed up the work.

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Translation memories suggestions

Automatically save all approved translations and instantly reuse them in subsequent projects. Maintain consistency across every company document.

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Standardise the translations of terminologies that are important to your organisation, no matter who is translating the document.

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Make quick revisions

Instantly revise your document in all target languages while preserving the parts that remain unchanged. Focus only on new additions. 

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Use with vendors

Working with translation agencies or vendors is a breeze with Redokun, even if they prefer using their own tools.

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Redokun gave us a system we could easily share with people we don’t have in the office and who don’t work with us side by side, so it became a universal method. It helped us optimize the time. And it helped us empower the people who take charge of the translations to do a job well done."

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Hundreds of marketing teams are achieving results with Redokun — and so can you


Reduction in translation costs at WhizCut.

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Translation consistency at Solar Solutions.

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Translations done on time at DEA System.

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I have an existing Glossary. Can I upload it to Redokun?
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Yes, you can import your Glossary terms to Redokun easily. Check out this guide for more information.

What is the difference between Glossary and Translation Memories?
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A Glossary is a fixed set of terms, phrases, or trademarked names that your organization uses regularly. On the other hand, Translation Memories is an automatic database containing all of the translations your team completed on Redokun. This is then used to generate translation suggestions for new projects where similar titles, phrases, and sentences are reused.

Both Glossary and Translation Memories help your organization maintain consistency and high content quality across all the documents you translate on Redokun.

Does Redokun offer a free trial?
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Absolutely! You can try Redokun with your team right now to enjoy a more streamlined translation workflow. Get a free 14-day trial here. For a personalized walkthrough of the tool, we highly recommend booking a demo (with our fun co-founder Stefano 😉).

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