Manage everything from one place.

Keep track of all your projects

Ditch the spreadsheets, email attachments, and FTP servers. Save all your translations on one centralized platform and organize them as you like using folders.

Invite your colleagues to start translating

Work seamlessly with your internal and external teams by inviting them to translate on the platform.

Send automated notifications for updates

Never worry about notifying all your team members about important updates through email!

Produce better translations with faster turnaround.

Machine translation suggestions

Instead of starting from a blank slate, use machine translation as an instant reference, especially for large documents.

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Translation memory suggestions

Stay consistent across all content types by reusing or repurposing translations you’ve approved in past projects.

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Deliver great content and speed up time to market.

Pre-translate documents

Keep things moving forward by using both machine translation and translation memories. Save time by reviewing suggestions for repetitive text rather than translating from scratch.

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Make quick revisions

Apply last minute changes to a document in all languages by updating the source file only. Your translators will be automatically notified of new text without losing their progress.

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All the features you need on one platform.

Translate in context

Your translators or editors can use page previews to understand the context of the text while working on them.

Work with teams

Get started on new translation projects quickly by inviting the right person for each language pair.

Create a hybrid workflow

Work with your in-house teams or outsourced collaborators to suit different projects needs

Reuse past translations

Reduce inconsistencies and localization costs by reusing or recycling past translations where applicable.

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Support different file formats

Translate InDesign, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XML and other documents while maintaining the original formatting.

Leverage machine translations

Instant translations that can guide your translators when they’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

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Monitor ongoing translations

Keep track of all ongoing projects and their progress at a glance.

Send automated notifications

Deliver important project or document updates to the people working on them.

Make quick revisions

Overcome the hassle of applying last minute changes to all translations and meet your deadlines.

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Easy to learn and use

Start reaping the benefits of an accelerated translation workflow in a short time.

Retain document styles

Download translated documents in the same styles and formatting as the original.

Work seamlessly with other tools

Pair Redokun with other tools through standard exchange formats like XLIFF and TMX

The easiest way to translate your documents. Free for 14 days.