Simplify your multilingual workflow

Redokun adapts to your needs – you can combine both internally-made translations and the work of external vendors

For in-house translation teams

Make the creation of your multilingual projects and their future updates very quick and easy. Invite your translators to use the integrated Web Editor or let them work on an Excel file

With translation vendors

Keep your own translations stored in-house and use Redokun as a hub of translations. Save on repeated translations, and make future edits or updates of your documents cheaper, easier and quicker

Save up to 70% of time on multilingual projects

Save translations in a database and reuse them

Save on translations
Recycle past translations and save up to 70% of time and money on your documents translation
Improve your time-to-market
Speed up the entire process since you won’t have to translate each sentence more than once
Increase work flexibility
Having your TMs stored in Redokun lets you decide to translate your documents in-house or through one or many vendors

Save every translation

Redokun saves translations in a database and suggests them for future use. The Translation Memories (TM) feature allows you to save time and money on translations

Work in-house

Share your previous translations with more than one translator automatically just by assigning a translation job

Share translations instantly

The TM can be used by invited translators and people in your Team. They are private and linked to the user who uploaded the document
Get immediate feedback

Get immediate feedback on the status of your projects

Forget long delays to get feedback from your team

Control and manage translations on multiple documents simultaneously with Redokun. Upload your brochure, catalogues, user manuals, etc. on Redokun. Monitor your translation jobs as they are being done.
Automated emails and Redokun integrated communications tell your translators when they can start working. You will be notified as soon as a translator accepts the job and when the translation is completed.

Never get stuck again on neverending revisioning sessions

Apply changes to all the translated files in seconds without any manual work

Product updates
With catalogue, pricing list, or any other document update you won’t need to apply the changes to all the documents
Document revisions
Add new procedures or information only to the document in the base language – Redokun will do the rest of the languages
Last minute changes
When your boss asks for last minute changes that you don’t have the time to apply to all the different languages

Need to make changes?
Update only the source file

Apply changes in your document only in the source language. Then upload it to Redokun to update styles, graphic or content changes to all the target languages

Automate the update of the translated files

When you upload the updated file any translation completed is imported automatically for each language. New or updated text is shown as to be translated
Translate files using Pre-Translate

Instantly translate parts in common with other documents

Create new document versions in a fraction of the time

Redokun allows you to automatically translate sections of your documents that are common to previously translated documents. This feature is especially useful for those companies that produce many documents which share some descriptions or paragraphs.
Once you have translated this text in an initial document, you can use ContextMatch to instantly translate the same content in other documents.
Keep an eye on your projects with built-in reporting

Keep an eye on your projects with built-in reporting

Keep tabs on everything that happens inside Redokun

Redokun has a simple user interface that right on the home page shows you everything about your documents’ translations.
When looking for more information, the Dashboard reporting and Log auditing let you have full and complete control over the entire process in just one single place.
Gain full control over your terminology

Gain full control over your terminology

Always use the right terminology and the correct translation

Search for a word or a sentence in your Translation Memories. See how it was translated and in which documents each translation was used.
Quickly edit the terminology in all your documents with just a few clicks.
Keep an eye on your projects with built-in reporting

Leverage Machine Translation to speed up your projects

Get an instant suggestion any time you translate a sentence

You can use machine translation suggestions inside the Web Editor and translate your documents even faster.
Under the hood, Redokun uses Google Translate and its latest algorithm version (Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT)).
Bring collaboration to another level

Bring collaboration to another level

Let your team of designers collaborate on the same projects

Keep all of your designers updated on any translation project. Improve the collaboration inside the team and speed up the production of your translated documents.
One place for all translation jobs

One place for all your translation jobs

Translate Word, Powerpoint, Excel, HTML, InDesign, subtitles files and more

Bring all your translation jobs inside a unified platform and use the same translations all over your projects.

The easiest way to translate your documents. Free for 14 days.