Translate Adobe InDesign Files Online (Web Editor)

Web Editor: an InDesign translation tool

Translate Adobe InDesign files online

Once you've logged into Redokun and uploaded your InDesign file you can start translating. It’s quick and easy and you won’t need to take a course to master it.
When you translate, Redokun suggests the Translation Memories you could use in your paragraphs reducing repetitive translation by retrieving text you've already translated.
Redokun suggests these Translation Memories in a smart way – it shows you both the perfect matches and those translations that you could use as a starting point for filling in the translated phrase
Export text from InDesign with Redokun

Export and import of text

Export text from InDesign to send to your translators

You can choose to do the translation outside of Redokun. Export your text from the InDesign document and export Microsoft Excel or XLIFF files to send to your translators. When the files are translated, import them into Redokun and download the translated InDesign document. Exclude already translated segments from the exported file and save on your translation expenses

Translation Memories

Recycle past translations

Redokun saves translations in a database and suggests them for future use. The Translation Memories (TM) feature allows you to save time and money on translations. It speeds up the entire process since you won’t have to translate each sentence more than once.
The TM are private and linked to the user who uploaded the document. They can also be used by invited translators. Sharing with translators is done automatically.

When is this used?

The Translation Memories (TM) feature allows you to:
  • Share your translations with your entire team of in-house translators
  • Rely on different freelancers either inviting them to translate directly in Redokun or sending them an XLS / XLIFF file filled with previously translated sentences
  • Rely on multiple translation agencies and send them your TM in TMX file format
Save up to 70% of time and money on your documents translation
Share your previous translations with more than one translator
Increase uniformity of translation and consistency throughout your documents
Instantly translate parts in common with other documents

Translate effortlessly using ContextMatch

Instantly translate sections common to other documents

Redokun allows you to automatically translate sections of your documents that are common to previously translated documents. This feature is especially useful for those companies that produce many documents which share some descriptions or paragraphs.
Once you have translated this text in an initial document, you can use ContextMatch to instantly translate the same content in other documents

Smart document revisions

Update all languages anytime

Edit your master document directly in Adobe InDesign. When you upload something new Redokun updates graphic or content changes in all your target languages.
You can upload an updated file even if the current translation has yet to be completed and continue translating the last revision. Any translation completed is automatically imported in the new revision. Any new sentence or modified paragraph is shown as 'to be translated'.

When is this used?

The Revision feature helps you with:
  • Last minute changes where you don't have time for the usual translation path
  • Changes that you receive several months later on the InDesign file
  • Design changes in general while translating a document
Reduce up to 90% the time spent on documents revisions
Update your documents in different languages automatically

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