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Redokun vs. Agencies

Managing your translations: Redokun vs. Agencies

Handing your projects off to translation agencies might seem easier... until you're facing constant errors, design issues, and unpredictable costs.

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Redokun's app use with vendors UI

With limited bandwidth & budget, agencies should ease your workload — not add to it

not add to it

Your day is full of manual tasks: extracting text, sending it to your agency, and then carefully reinserting the translations back into their original layouts.

To add to the frustration, you also have to spend hours fixing mistakes that shouldn't by there. Plus, with no easy way to access your past translations, maintaining consistency becomes another challenge on your overflowing to-do list.

Your marketing projects — and your time — deserve better

Redokun helps you stay in control of the costs, timing, and quality.

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[The agencies] said it was going to cost €5,000 euros to make the translation. And so I went into Redokun, opened up the file, and then translated all the easy stuff. I went from 50,000 words to 10,000 words [to translate]. And all of a sudden, the translation was only a fifth of what was quoted from the beginning. That really saved us a lot of money.”

A headshot of Chris Schmidt, Managing Director of Whizcut
Chris Schmidt
Managing Director, WhizCut
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What Redokun offers vs. translation agencies

You can work with your existing vendors, or manage translations fully in-house — the choice is yours.


No need to copy-paste to extract text from the source files. Just upload it to Redokun.


Scales as you need. Effortlessly create multiple projects with different target languages inside.


Get instant visibility of the translation progress and "who does what" across all languages.

Quality Control

Reduce mistakes with automatic suggestions from your past translations and glossary.

Fuss-free formatting

Download translations with the same design and formatting as your original document.


Work easily with internal partners or external vendors. Redokun is your starting point for all kinds of translation workflows.

How to switch from using only agencies to Redokun


Finish your next translation project without manual work and repeated corrections.

Upload your document directly to Redokun - InDesign, PowerPoint, Word, etc.
Add target languages and invite collaborators to translate online using Redokun's AI-enabled platform.
Check the process of all languages at a glance on the project dashboard.
Download the finished translation with the same layout & styles as your original document.
Your file is ready for market! In the meantime, Redokun remembers every translation and checks for consistency in your next project.

Find out if Redokun suits your unique workflow needs with a free demo. No sales, no pressure.

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Reduction in translation costs at WhizCut.

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Redokun vs. Agencies: Key differencess




Automatically extracts text from document for translation


some do, but at an additional cost ($$$)

Preserves your original document’s formatting


some do, but at an additional cost ($$$)

Integrated with Machine Translation suggestions

Integrated with translation suggestions derived from past work

Supports real-time collaboration within a document

Provides an overview of translation progress in each document, across all target languages

Add a customized glossary for consistent terminology translation

Automatically store approved translations to be reused and repurposed in next project

Update a document in multiple languages in just one click – translate only what’s new and keep everything else intact

An illustration detailing the process of before using Redokun
An illustration detailing the process of after using Redokun