Get accurate and consistent translations — in a fraction of the time and cost


Ensure quality faster with greater visibility and control over your entire translation process.

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Go from error-prone to error-free — without spending hours correcting every document


Manual translations are a pain, and translation agencies are expensive. Especially when you have to copy-paste out of Excel sheets, or constantly get back deliverables full of errors and inconsistent terminology.

Use Redokun for a visual overview of the entire process from start to finish. Control the output of the translations so it lives up to your quality standards. At the same time, you can improve productivity by at least 3x and cut costs by up to 80%.

How to ensure a high-quality translation process using Redokun


You and your team members can start using Redokun right away. No lengthy onboarding needed.

Upload a document in the source language.
No need to copy-paste, as Redokun extracts and organizes the text neatly for translation.
Add target languages and invite team members.
Your translators get notified automatically. With one click, they can start translating right away.
Ensure consistency as you translate in Web Editor.
Your team can translate with suggestions from your Glossary and past translations.
Check for quality and accuracy.
Leave comments and tag people in Redokun’s Web Editor, or collaborate in real-time.
Translation is done!
You get an automatic notification to download the translated document with the formatting intact.

How Solar Solutions achieved 100% translation consistency with Redokun

Once you’ve approved a translation in Redokun, it’s saved for instant reuse across all of your projects.

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It saves time, and the translations are consistent with each other, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Thanks to Redokun we are doing it, we are achieving goals. It absolutely solves the problem for me and will help me achieve even more possibilities.”

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Daniela Moreale
Marketing Manager, Solar Solution Group
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Hundreds of marketing teams are achieving results with Redokun — and so can you


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Does Redokun provide support for proofreading and review steps?
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To keep it simple, Redokun does not distinguish between the different steps in your quality assurance workflow. But, you can add as many different translators as you need to your ongoing translation projects, and provide information about which person will take care of each step to complete the project using the ‘Brief, Notes, and Instructions’ box at the top of each document. Learn more about collaborating with your team using Redokun here.

How accurate are the machine translation features in Redokun?
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The machine translation engines in Redokun can have an accuracy rate of up to 94%, depending on the language and topic. However, these engines are not meant to replace your translators, but rather to help them be more productive.

What file formats does Redokun support?
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Redokun supports most of the common file formats used in creating different content assets, such as InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, XLIFF, JSON, SRT subtitles, and more. See the complete list of supported file formats here.

Can I get a free trial of Redokun?
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Absolutely! You can start translating with your team on Redokun within minutes. Get a free 14-day trial here. For a personalized walkthrough of the tool, we highly recommend booking a demo (with our fun co-founder Stefano 😉).

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