translation memory

The key to fast and consistent translations

Save time and improve consistency in language use.

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Use completed projects to
speed up new translation tasks

Experience a 10% to 60% productivity boost*

You can automatically save all approved translations in a database and reuse them later.

Whenever you translate a new document, Redokun highlights matching or similar segments and pulls up your translation memories as suggestions.

Translate everything you’ve translated before with one click

With the pre-translate feature, you can instantly translate all sections in a document that match up with those in your past projects.

Don’t spend more time than necessary looking for information that Redokun can deliver to you with one click.

Highlighted feature

Ensure everybody always works on the latest version.

Implement last minute changes quickly.

Just upload the revised document in the source language. Redokun automatically imports the updates for all target languages and notifies the translators working on them.

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