Ensure everyone uses the right terminology, so you don’t have to double-check

Use the Glossary to tell your colleagues, partners, or vendors how your company translates specific terminology. 

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Redokun's app Glossary UI
Store your most important terms for instant checks
Translators receive automatic Glossary Alerts when inconsistency is detected
Spend significantly less time in the “Review” stage

Stop spending extra time checking and correcting terminology usage

Stop spending

It’s important to consistently translate terms that are unique to your organization or industry. But it’s not easy to keep everyone aligned on the right words to use, especially when you work with multiple people or external vendors for translations.

A Glossary can fix this problem quickly.

Get your documents to market 3x faster

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“It saves time, and the translations are consistent with each other, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.”

A headshot of Daniela Moreale, Marketing Manager at Solar Solutions.
Daniela Moreale
Marketing Manager, Solar Solutions Group

A completely automatic way to tell your translators, internal or external:
“Here’s how we always translate this term.”



Create a dictionary of your most important terminologies for product, marketing, or branding.

Set a single point of reference on how to translate technical terms, branded terms, and more. Save your translators the time and hassle of researching unfamiliar terms.

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Redokun's app Glossary UI
Redokun's app Glossary UIRedokun's app Glossary UIRedokun's app Glossary UI



Run automatic Glossary checks while your team is translating in Redokun

Redokun highlights all the Glossary terms in your content and shows their suggested translations to your translator. When an inconsistency is detected, Redokun shows a reminder so the translator can check and correct it without needing your intervention.

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Redokun's app Glossary UI



Get high-quality machine translation suggestions that follow your specific terminology

Redokun automatically applies your unique Glossary to the translation suggestions from Google Translate and DeepL. So while you’re translating content in Redokun, the machine translation output is more personalized to your organization.

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Redokun's app Glossary UI
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“I went from having, let's say, 50,000 words to having 10,000 words to translate. And all of a sudden, the translation was only a fifth of what was quoted from the beginning. That really saved us a lot of money.”

A headshot of Chris Schmidt, Managing Director of Whizcut
Chris Schmidt
Marketing Director, Whizcut