Translation Management System

Go to market 3x faster with a simple translation management system

3x faster

Collaborate, translate, and manage your projects online with ease. Download your translated documents with the original style and formatting in just a few clicks.

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Reduce your time spent on manual tasks by 90%
Translate faster with suggestions from AI & your past translations
Supports InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Illustrator & more

Join hundreds of companies using Redokun as their translation tool

Leave manual tasks behind with Redokun’s online translation management platform


Managing translation projects for multiple markets is overwhelming, especially if you deal with technical content. If your day is filled with copying, pasting, adjusting layouts, and sending back-and-forth emails, you’ll have zero time for other tasks.

Enter Redokun — a translation management software designed for busy marketing and product teams of all sizes.

EMS scaled its global marketing campaigns in 27 different markets by 300%

“We were doing maybe 4-5 campaigns in 2021, and it grew to 15-16 campaigns this year. This was only possible thanks to our improved translation process with Redokun.”

A headshot of Pia Andresen from EMS
Pia Andresen
Marketing Coordinator, EMS
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Use Redokun to get things done 3x faster — without any of the tedious busywork that slows you down.

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Streamline your workflow with an easy-to-use translation management system


Regain control of your translation projects

No more sending 20+ emails with task requests and constantly chasing people for updates. Simply upload the files, choose the target languages you need, and assign tasks to your translators. Check their progress on your requests and find all of the latest versions of your files right away.

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Redokun's app UI
Redokun's app UIRedokun's app UIRedokun's app UIRedokun's app online translation UI


Translate and communicate in the same space

Your team members can communicate and collaborate on tasks without needing to leave Redokun — all while leveraging machine translations and your previously approved translations to speed up their work.

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Redokun's app UI


Update your documents across languages in seconds

Need to update your brochures and catalogs to a newer version after a few months or years? Just upload the revised source file to Redokun, and instantly update the design and content across all target languages.

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Redokun's app UI


Download the translations with the format and design intact

No one has to “transfer” the translations into the original design file. Uploaded an InDesign brochure to Redokun? You’ll receive in return a well-formatted InDesign brochure in your target language. Ready to use after a quick quality check.

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Redokun's app online translation UI

Use Redokun to get things done 3x faster — without any of the tedious busywork that slows you down.

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Why Redokun is the best translation management software for marketing and product teams


No need to extract text from your source document. Just upload it to Redokun.


Create multiple projects with different target languages in minutes.


Check your projects’ progress across all languages at a glance.

Quality Control

Reduce translation mistakes with automatic content checks & warnings.

Fuss-free formatting

Download translations with the same design and formatting as your original document.


Work easily with internal partners or translation agencies. Redokun is your starting point for all kinds of translation workflows.

Get started translating in minutes, not weeks

not weeks

You can start using Redokun right away — no lengthy onboarding needed.

Upload a document in the source language.
Add target languages and invite team members.
Sit back as your team members translate.
Check the progress of each language at a glance.
Download the finished document with the formatting intact.

With Redokun as their translation tool, Rockfon improved their productivity by 70% while translating for 20 different markets

“We are saving between 60 to 70% of our time now because the whole process of getting the file ready doesn’t take much. And then from that, uploading the files to Redokun is much faster. It takes about 1/10 of the time compared to having to do it manually through creating and sending email files.

A headshot of Kenni Anderson, Graphic Team Lead at Rockfon
Kenni Andersen
Graphics Team Lead, Rockfon
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