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Frequently asked questions

Why should you read this?

In this guide, we covered every detail there is to know about translation management system.

Reading and knowing all the information in this guide will help you:

  • make better decisions
  • simplify and speed-up your localization workflow
  • find ways how to improve the processes from within
  • collaborate better
  • save valuable resources
What’s waiting for you at the end?

By the end of this guide, not only you will learn every detail about translation management systems, but also you will also:

  • decide whether your team needs a translation management system
  • have answer to the most common concerns (such as expenses, how long will it takes to learn a tms, and whether it is best to stick with what you already know or not)
  • understand how your team could benefit from using a translation management software; and lastly
  • how to choose a translation management system that will fit your needs
Who's this guide for?

This guide is suitable for for every individual looking to learn how a piece of software could revolutionise a certain translation/localization workflow, or more specifically for:

  • translators
  • designers; and
  • managers looking to transform localization workflows

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