Redokun: Your CafeTran Espresso Alternative (2023)


Redokun gives you powerful translation features and project management tools, delivered through a simple online interface. Even busy marketing teams enjoy using it.

If you’re looking into alternatives to CafeTran Espresso, here are the top reasons to consider Redokun as your new tool.

Redokun and CafeTran Espresso are both great tools, but there are several differences in features that might make Redokun more suitable for your use case.

We’d like to share how Redokun supports your team in translating content for your global customers. And we hope you find it helpful in your assessment of Redokun vs. CafeTran Espresso.

  • Why Redokun could be the CafeTran Espresso alternative you’ve been looking for
  • Redokun vs. CafeTran Espresso: What are the differences in features?

Why Redokun could be the CafeTran Espresso alternative you've been looking for

We talked to some of our clients to understand their workflow and preferences. And we've identified the features they need most in a translation tool, which help free up time and speed up their content efforts.

We simplify translation management software for busy marketing teams →

Your team has tasks that need to be done yesterday. Nobody has time to learn a complicated translation tool.

With Redokun, you'll always have a clear and simple translation interface that anyone can learn quickly. Including your market partners or vendors who help you with the translations.

Our users enjoy how user-friendly Redokun is, which helps them set everything up in minutes rather than in days.

In contrast, CafeTran Espresso is mainly a tool for translators rather than project managers or marketers. You may find the interface to be more complex, especially if you’ve never used CAT tools before.

You get a simple cloud-based platform to collaborate and manage your projects →

Redokun is a cloud-based tool that works in a browser. You and your team don’t need to install additional software to start collaborating on projects.

With Redokun, you can exchange feedback on your project files in real time, even if you have teammates who work remotely.

In contrast, CafeTran Espresso is a primarily offline tool. It does have a real-time collaboration mode, but you can only use it if all of your team members have CafeTran Espresso installed on their devices.

This setup may not be ideal if you work with external vendors or partners for certain languages.

Top machine translation engines built into your translation interface →

Get instant translation suggestions from Google Translate and DeepL while you’re translating a text on Redokun. Just click to use them or edit them.

It's like having a second brain when you're stuck on a difficult sentence. Or when your document contains simple strings that even an AI can translate correctly.

On the other hand, CafeTran Espresso is only integrated with Google Translate.

A more seamless way to handle document revisions →

Even though you've double-triple-checked a document before sending it off to your translation team, revisions are sometimes unavoidable.

With Redokun, you'll have a very easy way to implement revisions for any ongoing project. Just go to the Document Detail page to upload the updated version of your document.

Your translators for all target languages will be notified of the newly added text they need to work on. And they won't lose any progress on segments they've already translated.

As of now, CafeTran Espresso doesn’t provide a quick revision feature for you to update your source documents.

Preserve your file formatting & design automatically; spend less time fixing the layout post-translation →

Both Redokun and CafeTran Espresso offer automatic file formatting. You can download your translation in the exact same file format and style as the original.

After a quick final check, you'll be ready to share these translated documents with your customers worldwide.

In short, you'll never waste time restoring your documents to their original look after translating them.

Your reliable and responsive support team →

Great support is another thing Redokun users prioritize.

You're a fast-paced marketing department that wants to reach your global customers quickly with well-translated content.

We’re a team of professionals who will support you throughout your translation process on Redokun.

If you run into any issues while using the platform, just ping our chat support or send us an email.

We understand that inefficient customer support can result in lost momentum. Hence, we aim to be quick, friendly, and on point with resolving any hiccups to make sure your project can be completed on time.

Start using Translation Memories, the fast and accurate way to instantly translate sentences you've approved before →

Similar to CafeTran Espresso, Redokun also provides Translation Memory.

Your Translation Memories (TM) is a database containing all your confirmed translations, which you can reuse in your next projects.

When your document contains repetitive or similar segments, Redokun generates translation suggestions based on what you've approved before.

You can click on the suggestion to instantly reuse it or edit it. From now on, your messages and terminology use will be consistent across different content types.

Simple & affordable pricing with lots of added value →

Redokun's plans start from $150 a month, while CafeTran Espresso's annual plan costs around $80.

While CafeTran Espresso is a more affordable option, you can get more value with Redokun. If you compare similar subscription tiers from both tools, you’ll find that Redokun has more perks to offer, including:

  • A full-scale project management and collaboration space.
  • More machine translation integrations.
  • A secure cloud-based file storage.
  • Support for a wide variety of file formats from InDesign to Word to PowerPoint.
  • and many more!

What's more, you'll get 2 months free if you subscribe to an annual plan.

In short, Redokun is not a choice you'll regret! Even if you find that it's not suitable for you after subscribing, we have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Don’t just take it from us. Hear what our customers say.

Businesses both large and small use Redokun daily to collaborate seamlessly, translate their files, and save time.
Blue quotation mark
We often translate our marketing material into 4-6 languages and to re-enter the translation took another 2-3 weeks for each. Now it’s almost immediate and we can manage several languages at the same time.”
Ambra Lazzari headshot
Ambra Lazzari
Marketing Manager,
Blue quotation mark
With our old system, the only way we could have an increased workload would have been to employ more people. This is when I discovered Redokun. It was a breeze to set up [...] and it has saved us so much time and money.”
Allen Venables headshot
Allen Venables
Head of Studio,
EC English Language Schools

CafeTran Espresso vs. Redokun: Feature Comparison Table

CafeTran Espresso


Project management interface
Non applicable icon
Applicable icon
Online translation editor
Applicable icon
Applicable icon
Collaborative editing & comments
Applicable icon
- With limitations
Applicable icon
Various file formats supported
Applicable icon
Data confidentiality
Applicable icon
Applicable icon
Translation Memory
Applicable icon
Applicable icon
Pre-Translate entire document
Non applicable icon
Applicable icon
Integrated Machine Translation tools
Applicable icon
Applicable icon
Document page previews during translation
Applicable icon
Applicable icon
Seamless document revision process
Non applicable icon
Applicable icon
Online interface that's easy to use & beginner-friendly
Non applicable icon
Applicable icon
Annual plan starts from
$1,500 (+ 2 months free)
Monthly plan starts from
INSTANT Free Trial


Redokun is a great CafeTran Espresso alternative, providing you with powerful features, transparent pricing, and a responsive support team. No matter how your translation workflow is structured, you can make it work easily on Redokun.

Undo the mess created by manual translation processes, and start localizing content like clockwork. Try Redokun for free today!

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Streamline your translation workflow with zero downtime. Discover how.


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