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Medical Device Marketing

Coordinate translations of medical device marketing assets into 100+ languages in minutes

Translate manuals, catalogs, brochures, ebooks, and more while maintaining their original design — and save up to 60% of your time spent on manual tasks.

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Redokun's app Automatic Document Formatting UI
Get your assets to market 3x faster
Revise and update documents across languages in a few clicks
Supports InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, and more

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Expand your marketing, not your to-do list


You have a huge backlog of translation tasks, but no time to

  • Spend days copy-pasting between InDesign and Excel
  • Coordinate back-and-forth emails with 27 translators across the globe
  • Check whether the content is translated according to your company’s standard
  • Manually reformat each document

Here’s how Redokun fixes that.

A medical device manufacturing company like yours scaled its marketing campaigns by 300% in just two years

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“We were doing maybe 4-5 campaigns in 2021, and it grew to 15-16 campaigns this year. This was only possible thanks to our improved translation process with Redokun.”

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Pia Andresen
Marketing Coordinator, EMS
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Use Redokun to get things done 3x faster — without any of the tedious busywork that slows you down.

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Streamline your translation workflow with Redokun


Assign & view the progress of translations in minutes

Create translation projects and invite your team members. At a glance, you’ll be able to assign tasks and keep track of progress across all languages.

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Redokun's app UI
Redokun's app UIRedokun's app UIRedokun's app UIRedokun's app online translation UI


Translate and communicate in the same space

Your translators can communicate and collaborate on tasks without ever needing to leave Redokun, all while leveraging the power of AI to speed up their work.

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Redokun's app UI


Update your documents across languages in seconds

Revising your assets? Just upload your file. Redokun shows the translators what's new, while keeping the old translations intact.

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Redokun's app UI


Download the translations with the format and design intact

You’re notified as soon as the translator completes the document. The file will be available for download, with all the translated parts in the right place.

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Redokun's app online translation UI

Supercharge translation projects with five simple steps

simple steps

You and your team members can start using Redokun right away. No lengthy onboarding needed.

Upload a document in the source language.
Add target languages and invite team members.
Sit back as your team members translate.
Check the progress of each language at a glance.
Download the finished document with the formatting intact.

Following this process, Enbio manages the translations of medical device user manuals into 30 languages with ease

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“I simply forgot about the pain of managing 30 languages. With Redokun, I have a solution, and I am confident that next time I need to do something, the problem is already solved.”

A headshot of Pawel Borsuk from Enbio
Pawel Borsuk
Creative Director, Enbio
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Streamline your translation workflow with zero downtime. Discover how.