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Enhance your global impact and streamline your multilingual communication with Redokun's essential document bundle, designed to connect effectively with global audiences:

  • In-house Pipeline Ebook: Build your internal workflow for success.
  • Style Guide Template: Ensure a consistent and resonant brand voice.
  • Translation Workflow Checklist: Manage your translation processes efficiently.
  • Glossary Template: Maintain clarity and accuracy across all languages.

This concise toolkit is your solution for impactful, worldwide engagement.

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What’s inside the bundle?

1. Redokun - In-house Translation Pipeline Ebook

  • Learn how to build an efficient internal translation workflow in 7 steps.
  • Expert insights from a marketing manager with 13+ years of experience managing translations for growing companies.
  • Actionable tools and resources to implement at your company.

2. Redokun - Style Guide Template

  • A customizable guide to ensure consistent, professional, and culturally sensitive translations.
  • Sections on voice & tone, formatting guidelines, and language-specific conventions.
  • Ideal for maintaining brand integrity across different languages and cultures.

3. Internal Translation Workflow Checklist

  • A step-by-step checklist for efficient translation management.
  • Covers stages from project initiation to feedback loop after publication.
  • Essential for teams to ensure smooth, error-free translation processes.

4. Redokun - Glossary Template

  • A template to create a clear and consistent translation glossary.
  • Ensures uniformity in terminology across various translations.
  • Optimized for use with Redokun for a more streamlined process.

Who is this bundle for?

  • Marketing Managers and Teams
  • Multilingual Content Creators
  • Global Marketing Professionals
  • Businesses Expanding Internationally
  • Anyone interested in streamlining translation workflows!

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What is included in the Redokun Document Bundle?
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The bundle includes four essential tools:

  • In-house translation pipeline ebook: Step-by-step guide.
  • Style Guide Template: Ensures consistent messaging.
  • Translation Workflow Checklist: Streamlines translation processes.
  • Glossary Template: Maintains clarity across languages.

How will I receive the Redokun Document Bundle?
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After completing your download request, you’ll receive the bundle as a .zip file via email.

What format are the documents in?
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The documents are provided in commonly used formats, such as Word, Excel, and PDF, all contained within the .zip file.

Can I customized these templates for my specific needs?
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Absolutely! The templates are designed to be easily customizable to suit your organization’s specific requirements.

Is there a cost associated with downloading this bundle?
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Currently, the Redokun Document Bundle is available for free download.

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