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Use with vendors

Keep things simple with vendors, whether they use Redokun or not

Do agencies often send back documents for reviews and fixes? Now you have a universal workflow that prevents this.

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Collaborate easily with vendors or agencies
Integrate seamlessly with your vendor’s preferred tool
Preserve your original document’s layout during collaboration

Collaboration should be fun, but so far you've been frustrated by the process (or the lack of it).

the lack of it

You need to translate a brochure, but you can’t just send the InDesign file to your vendor. They might prefer to use spreadsheets or another tool.

To accommodate everyone, your projects are barely surviving on manual workarounds involving intense copy-paste efforts, PDF files, plus back-and-forth emails.

Redokun sets up a quick and universal process for you.

Get your documents to market 3x faster

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“You gave us a system we could easily share with people we don’t have in the office and who don’t work with us side by side, so it became a universal method.”

A headshot of Barbara Stivan, Marketing Manager, DEA System
Barbara Stivan
Marketing Manager, DEA System

No matter which vendor does the translation, you always know how to work with them.


A simple system to translate any content assets quickly with external collaborators

Redokun supports many file formats like InDesign, PowerPoint, Word, and more. And you can export all of them into a translation-friendly format. Your translation process doesn’t slow down because you don’t need to prepare the text for your vendors first.

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Redokun's app collaboration UI
Redokun's app collaboration UIRedokun's app collaboration UIRedokun's app collaboration UIRedokun's app collaboration UI


Convert your document into a universal format your vendors are happy to work with

Export your Redokun project as an .XLSX or .XLIFF file. Your vendors can easily plug this file into their own systems to start translating them. Easily share your content without copy-pasting any text, ever. 

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Redokun's app collaboration UI


Quickly check the vendor’s translations on Redokun for quality

Once the vendor sends you the translated file, import it back to Redokun for a quick quality check. If minor edits are needed? Just edit the translations in Redokun before generating the document in your target language.

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Redokun's app collaboration UI


Automatically preserve your document formatting with Redokun, so you don’t have to recreate it manually in the new languages

Within seconds, you can download the translated content – in your original file format, and with your original formatting intact. No more copy-pasting work for your designer.

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Redokun's app collaboration UI