Use Redokun with translation vendors

Export text from your file to send to your translators

Redokun removes the hurdle of exporting the text from your files for translation and then reimporting it again. It uses an integrated system that allows you to keep styles in your documents

4 Reasons To Improve Your Translation Workflow with Redokun

Save money on translation without changing your translation vendor
Stop copy-pasting text from your files to Word or Excel and vice versa
Send only new text to translate to your translator
Increase consistency and gain control over your translations

Export text to Excel or XLIFF format

The workflow includes just 4 simple steps:
  1. Upload the file to Redokun
  2. Export an exchange file from it with all the text to send to your translator
  3. Once the exchange file is translated, import it back to Redokun
  4. Download your translated document in the original format
Supported exchange format are: XLSX, ODS, and XLIFF.

Translate effortlessly using your past translations

Redokun’s specialised translate feature, ContextMatch, allows you to add previous translations into your documents.
Learn more about ContextMatch ‣

Send only new text to your translator

Exclude previously translated segments from the exported file and save on your translation expenses

Integrates with translators’ tools

Export the text in XLIFF format, which is an open standard used by all translation tools. The use of XLIFF makes it easier for the translator to work on your file translation while you keep the control of the translation workflow.

Alternatively, you can have your translators use the integrated translation tool.
Explore the integrated translation tool ‣

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