use redokun with vendors

Keep things simple and productive even with external collaborators

Work with your preferred translators, vendors, and partners outside of your organization - whether they use Redokun or not.

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Automated notifications

Every important update is automatically delivered to your coworker’s inbox.

Translation progress tracker

Keep track of all ongoing projects and their progress at a glance.

Variety of supported file formats

Translate a wide range of content in different file formats like InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and so on...

Highlighted feature

Ensure everybody always works on the latest version.

Implement last minute changes quickly.

Just upload the revised document in the source language. Redokun automatically imports the updates for all target languages and notifies the translators working on them.

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Everything you need in an online workspace

Easy to learn and use

Start reaping the benefits of an accelerated translation workflow in a short time.

Automated notifications

Deliver important document updates and engage in brief discussions with the people working on them.

Seamless integration with other tools

Pair Redokun with other tools through standard exchange formats like XLIFF and TMX

No more manual file sharing

Everything is on the cloud. Now you don’t have to attach and send your PDFs and documents via email. Just send an invite to your collaborator.

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