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65 Free and Paid InDesign Proposal Templates (2024)

indesign proposal templates

Convince your readers with a professional proposal template. We've collected 65 great templates that help you convey your messages in a simple yet effective way.

In the following list, you'll find both free and paid InDesign Templates that we've carefully handpicked and organized in a few category. Here's an overview of all the categories, feel free to jump to the section you find most interesting:

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Free InDesign Proposal Templates

1. Peachy Coral Proposal Layout

Peachy Coral Proposal Layout

Pastel color like this peachy coral can always make people feel calm and comfortable. Use this template as a business proposal to showcase your business plans. Definitely can win your client's heart!

2. Proposal Layout with Sky Blue Accents

Proposal Layout with Sky Blue Accents

A versatile business proposal layout for your professional projects. Go for this template if you are a perfectionist who wants to have all projects details displayed on the template from top to bottom.

3. Pink Minimalist Organized Proposal Layout

Pink Minimalist Organized Proposal Layout

Minimalist yet organized is the optimal combination. Do you agree with me? Pitching your ideas and business ventures with this comprehensive and organized proposal layout!

4. Professional Company Report Layout

Professional Company Report Layout

Customize your next company report or proposal with the help of this simple template. The overall design is professional and clean, especially the ocean-blue background which can easily stand out your presentation contents.

5. Presentation Layout with Clean White Background

Presentation Layout with Clean White Background

Seeking for layout that can accommodate with lots of pictures and paragraphs? If so, this template is well-prepared for you! It is a fun and quirky presentation layout that you have rarely seen before.

Modern InDesign Proposal Templates

6. Proposal Layout with Avocado Green Accents

Proposal Layout with Avocado Green Accents

A clean and balanced layout make this proposal template a great choice for everyone. This layout is suitable for any project purpose due to its practical and clear-divided elements. Very easy to use and customize.

7. Modern Blue and Grey Proposal

Modern Blue and Grey Proposal

If you're looking to create a modern proposal to impress your audience, this is the perfect proposal template for you. The side of the template using a unique blue color which creates a modern look to catch the audience's attention.

8. Proposal with Purple and Green Accents

Proposal with Purple and Green Accents

Vivid and powerful, modern and detailed. Its strong typography make your proposal looks professional. Choose this template if you need a professional-looking proposal to introduce your project.

9. Retro Matte Green

Retro Matte Green

People who like retro style will like this template. This template combines color of white and matte green in its design. White, which is the perfect color to go with green, it instantly adds contrast and freshness to the overall layout.

10. Classy Black and Red Proposal

Classy Black and Red Proposal

This template looks simple but not boring. Black and red color creates a classic look within the proposal that your prospective clients will appreciate. It is suitable for people who like an uncomplicated yet striking design.

11. The Pomegranate Red Details

The Pomegranate Red Details

White, grey and black background in combination with pomegranate red details to add a splash of color. Perfectly balanced between masculine and feminine design of this template makes it distinctive from others.

12. Brochure with Ikea Representing Colors

Brochure with Ikea Representing Colors

The primary inspiring element of this brochure template design was mostly the colors of Ikea logo, which is blue and yellow. This template gives readers a calm and optimism feeling while looking at it.


13. The Elegant Proposal Layout

The Elegant Proposal Layout

A mix of white and navy blue background, a side element and an innovative structure. This template is designed for those wanting to present images alongside infographics and text in a stylish and elegant way.

14. Double-Sided Design Proposal Layout

Double-Sided Design Proposal Layout

The main strength of this business proposal template is its organization. The content sections are well separated into double sides, which is left and right. This layout encourages a better use of space and undoubtedly enhances the efficient structure.

15. Proposal Layout with Red Accents

Proposal Layout with Red Accents

Catch your audience's eyes with the help of this stunning layout. This template emphasizes the colors of white and blood red. Since white is a simple color, the use of blood red in the details fits right in.

16. Grey Blue Abstract Aesthetic Proposal

Grey Blue Abstract Aesthetic Proposal

This template is the perfect solution if you're looking for a unique and modern way to share your proposal information with your audience. Grey, blue and brown colors blend well together, creating a really beautiful and harmonious look.

17. Dark Denim Blue Proposal

Dark Denim Blue Proposal

Dark denim blue hues forms a luxury and high-end ambience to the overall proposal template. If you need to showcase your work in both text and table form, this is the portfolio for you!

18. The Sheen Green Details

The Sheen Green Details

This proposal template allows you to easily pop in your own company introduction, portfolio, and project budgetary information for your potential clients. Unlike most templates, this one uses color of sheen green, the mixture of yellow and green color.

19. Proposal Layout with Blue Elements

Proposal Layout with Blue Elements

Want a more muted proposal template? This blue monochromatic color scheme generates a tender feel without overwhelming your audience. All you have to do is switch out the template content and send this off to your prospective client.

20. Minimalist Proposal Layout

Minimalist Proposal Layout

The large font size enables headline to be easily seen by the readers at a glance. This template provides a gallery session before the closing page of the template. You can exhibit your images here.

21. Proposal Layout with Blue Gradient Accents

Proposal Layout with Blue Gradient Accents

This template is using turquoise color as its main theme and there are a lot of spaces reserved for descriptive text. Try this if you need to demonstrate your work and experience textually.

22. SEO and Digital Marketing Proposal

SEO and Digital Marketing Proposal

A simple white background matches with green bar elements at the bottom of the layout page. This template fits perfectly for those who prefer traditional design more than a fancy one.

23. Illustrative Playful Orange Layout

Illustrative Playful Orange Layout

Are you fond of bright and uplifting colors? If so, take this template! On top of that, the versatile structure allows you to present your work in the best possible way.

24. Proposal In Landscape Orientation

Proposal In Landscape Orientation

Who said business proposal should always be in portrait orientation? This template makes a rare use of landscape orientation to make the overall elements look broader than taller. This template is suitable for proposal that only needs minor texts.

25. Creative Blue Stripes Proposal

Creative Blue Stripes Proposal

Want to break away from traditional design? Those blue thick stripes which seamlessly connect both pages show how creative this template is. It is suitable for any person trying to showcase their work in an extraordinary way.

Simple InDesign Proposal Templates

26. Proposal with Square Element

Proposal with Square Element

This template offers you a powerful source of information in a great look to have a strong, visually pleasing brand, easy to edit text, images, and elements. There are 3 colors available for your choice: green, purple and orange.

27. Timeless and Classic in One Go

Timeless and Classic in One Go

This is a comprehensive and professional proposal template designed in the most timeless color combination - black, white and grey. Choosing this proposal template means making a safe choice since classic never goes wrong, right?

28. Watery Colours Themed Proposal

Watery Colours Themed Proposal

The beauty of this template is its watery light blue and grey color theme. This template covers most of your client interactions from introduction to pitching, to design and finally to billing.

29. The Dominance of Blue Accents

The Dominance of Blue Accents

Some of the template pages are fully covered by azure blue color, with popping headings in white color. Thanks to this feature, readers can differentiate the headings effortlessly.

30. Proposal with Blue and Grey Accents

Proposal with Blue and Grey Accents

The general look and feel for this template is clean, modern and elegant. Moreover, all units and text are layered to customize easily. Therefore, this is the perfect proposal template for you!

31. Dim Colored Proposal Layout

Dim Colored Proposal Layout

A template with dim color accents like this presents a clean and minimalistic look. This template is the best solution whether you are a designer, creator, student or lecturer who wants to present your project flawlessly.

32. Minimalist Blue Project Proposal

Minimalist Blue Project Proposal

This minimalist blue project proposal template is sure to give you everything you'll need. Its layout is straightforward yet versatile, and the light blue hues is added to give the template a splash of color.

33. Proposal Layout with Yellow Accents

Proposal Layout with Yellow Accents

In need of an eye-catching template to showcase your proposal? Then you should opt for this yellow-accents-template! This yellow color is bright but not intense, sure can quickly grab your audience's attention.

34. Grey Minimalist Proposal Layout

Grey Minimalist Proposal Layout

This template is a clean, brief and minimal design that can match with nearly every corporate identity. Give your customers information about your company in an easy and modern way to show how professional your company is.

35. Proposal with Creative Circle Elements

Proposal with Creative Circle Elements

This template adopts creative irregular circle elements for you to drop images that are in correspondence with content. You can even insert QR code on the cover page of the template to direct customers to your company website.

36. Yellow and Black Combo

Yellow and Black Combo

You should consider this template if you have brimful content to put in your proposal. It has reserved quite many spaces for the descriptive texts. Furthermore, the yellow color chime in with the black one makes this template more beautiful.

37. All About Red

All About Red

This proposal with fiery red accents has a streamlined design, an uncluttered look, and a professional feel to it. It offers many practical pages, schemes, and elements that will be helpful when showcasing your company.

38. White and Grey Base Template

White and Grey Base Template

Sometimes, less is more. The monochromatic of grey tone in this template adds coziness and softness to its overall design. Along with black wordings and white background, this template achieves grand harmonious.

39. The Grey Monotone

The Grey Monotone

This proposal template is another synonym of mesmerizing simplicity and elegance. The overall layout and style are simple, and the grey monotone is a neutral color to perfectly go with any other hues.

40. Proposal with Innovative Color

Proposal with Innovative Color

Tired of the stereotypical proposal template design? If so, try this template as it adopts an innovative orange color in the details and elements to eliminate the overall sense of dullness.

41. Lemonade Yellow Accents Template

Lemonade Yellow Accents Template

When in doubt, you can never go wrong by choosing a proposal template with sweet and luscious colors like this. This template, in particular, has dominant fresh yellow hues, elegant typography, and graceful overall appeal.

42. White Background with Yellow Details

White Background with Yellow Details

This template walks the line between simplicity and innovative. It has spacious layouts for descriptive text, and the bright yellow headings unsurprisingly bring bright spot to the whole template.

43. Template with Paintbrush Texture

Template with Paintbrush Texture

It's never too late to try various color combinations. Look, this template has subtly matched purple, orange and grey in a single combination! Colorful and brilliance, this proposal template will definitely fulfill your need.

44. Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Wanted to take your business proposal to another extent? Select this template with a refined appearance, the elements colored in unique shades of blue add a dose of royal sense.

45. Plus Signs Themed Proposal

Plus Signs Themed Proposal

Consider this proposal template if you wish your readers could read your content effortlessly. This template is traditional yet creative with the plus signs decorated on it and an easy-to-understand structure.

Minimal InDesign Proposal Templates

46. Yellow Simple Business Proposal

Yellow Simple Business Proposal

Promoting your personal works, business or company using this clean proposal template. The headings are decorated in yellow accents. Moreover, the layout and picture placement are very flexible, easy to edit and print ready.

47. Proposal with Blue and Black Accents

Proposal with Blue and Black Accents

Want to keep things strictly professional? This proposal template is using the colors of refreshing blue and charcoal black to create a minimalist and modern feel. It suits company or any personal project purpose.

48. Classy and Impressive

Classy and Impressive

This is the most impressive design template in this list so far! This template features the classic style with the black, white and grey color palette. Feel free to use it as a brochure, proposal or a lookbook template.

49. Baby Blue Cute Proposal Template

Baby Blue Cute Proposal Template

Baby blue, a pale shade of blue in this template really creates a sense of relaxation, tranquility and calm to the readers. The layout is ideally balanced and will make your content look great.

50. Combination of Creativity and Professionalism

Combination of Creativity and Professionalism

This template reinvents your proposal by integrating attractive design and business professionalism. Its clean layout and rich design allow you to fit in a large amount of content without sacrificing quality or readability.

51. Minimalist Pure White Proposal

Minimalist Pure White Proposal

Just like pure snow, fluffy cotton and elegant swan, this template is the perfect pick for those minimalists. Whatever pictures and texts will certainly stand out with the foil of this clean white background.

52. The Luminous Proposal Layout

The Luminous Proposal Layout

Dare to be bold to choose this dynamic and luminous template. It has a combination of black and yellow, unique typography, a variety of useful icons and can be easily modified to fit everyone's needs.

53. Less Is More

Less Is More

This template is the perfect example of the 'less is more' principle. By substituting your headings and content into this template, you'll get a clean project proposal that’s much more neatly.

54. Proposal Template In Subtle Colors

Proposal Template In Subtle Colors

Check out this project proposal template if you want to showcase your work in a formal way! It has the just right balance between subtle colors, standard outlines, and typography which radiates with simplicity.

55. All About Blues

All About Blues

This business proposal template alternates between blue, white and grey backgrounds. It still manages to maintain consistency in its overall design. The template comes with paragraph and character styles, master pages, tables graphical elements, and much more.

56. White and Black Elements

White and Black Elements

Showcase your works regarding to fashion, photography, food, lifestyle or architecture segments with the aid of this trendy template! There are numerous spots reserved for the pictures to support your words.

57. Proposal Layout with Deep Color

Proposal Layout with Deep Color

Falling in love with this oxford blue coupled with white colored template. The dark tone of azure has visually enhanced the quality on this template and gives it a stunning feel.

58. Minimalist Proposal with Grey Accents

Minimalist Proposal with Grey Accents

Nowadays, minimalistic design has become a prevailing trend among population. The main purpose of minimalistic design is its functionality and well-optimized visuals, making audience easier to focus on the content instead of the decorative elements.

59. Proposal Layout with Square Elements

Proposal Layout with Square Elements

As you can see, this is a single-fold business project proposal accompanied with a clear-cut layout. This template applies plenty of square elements in yellow and grey accents to allow the entire design to seem consistent.

60. Proposal Layout with Geometric Elements

Proposal Layout with Geometric Elements

Just adding in some geometric elements once in a while can also bring in some variety to an otherwise standard business proposal. Look, this radiant yellow elements and the delicate layout are mutually enrich each other.

61. Simple yet Imaginative

Simple yet Imaginative

It's extremely rare to have a proposal template as creative as this one. The little ingenuity of this template is that the images you've placed will span across a two-page spread, thereby making the template full of sense of design.

62. Minimal Creative Project Proposal

Minimal Creative Project Proposal

It doesn’t hurt to go above and beyond once in a while. Jazz up your project proposal template with some extra fancy designs. For instance, stone elements design used in this template really gives it an elegant feel.

63. Proposal Template In Peacock Blue

Proposal Template In Peacock Blue

Dare to be extraordinary and choose this template with distinctive color and design. The combination of peacock blue accents and geometric triangle designs make this project proposal more engaging.

64. Black Gradient Proposal Template

Black Gradient Proposal Template

If you are a big fan for classical design then this would be your cup of tea! This template is using black gradient paired with plain white color scheme across the entire proposal that you would definitely love it.

65. Business Proposal Layout with Teal Accents

Business Proposal Layout with Teal Accents

Looking at this template with teal color accents reminds me of the summer season. The content layout is distributed into left and right side and the subheadings are placed in  parallelogram shapes for a better reading experience.



You've reached the bottom of our proposal templates list. Thank you for reading through!

We did our best to find templates with versatile styles and colours so we hope you've found what you were looking for.

If you are looking into creating another type of InDesign document - make sure you head to our InDesign templates page.

All the best,


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