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Coordinate translation projects with ease, no matter where your team works

Upload documents, assign tasks, and automate the formatting of translated files — all in a simple browser solution.

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Keep track of all ongoing projects at a glance
Download translated files with the design intact
Save 90% of your time spent on manual tasks

Save time for the tasks that matter the most

the most

Redokun is more than translation—it centralizes all your tasks in one place and automates all the manual work that you hate.

Redokun's app Translate Online UI
Create translation projects and invite your team members
Redokun's app Translate Online UI
Find out who translated each language in the past
Redokun's app Translate Online UI
Assign tasks, collect all files, and keep track of progress

Get your documents to market 3x faster

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Redokun gave us a system we could easily share with people we don’t have in the office and who don’t work with us side by side, so it became a universal method. It helped us optimize the time. And it helped us empower the people who take charge of the translations to do a job well done.”

Barbara headshot
Barbara Stivan
Marketing Manager, DEA System

With a streamlined translation workflow accessible from anywhere, you can…

Stay in control with a centralized system

Once you’ve assigned a task in Redokun, the invited translators get notified automatically—and you can keep track of the progress of all your projects in the dashboard with ease.

View files in context
while translating

When a file is uploaded, Redokun extracts only the text for translation—while your translators can view and translate the file in context with page previews on the side.*

Download files with Original formatting intact

Say goodbye to copy-pasting translations between Excel sheets and original files. With Redokun, it’s all done with the touch of a button, saving hours of your day spent on manual tasks.

Translate InDesign files online

You upload an InDesign file, and you get back a translated InDesign file with all the formatting and design intact. Instead of learning InDesign from scratch, your translators can focus on what they do best—translating.

Get support for a wide range of file formats

Stop wrestling with unfamiliar software. Translate content and marketing assets in various document formats, including InDesign, Word, PPT, Illustrator, Excel, HTML, XLIFF, and more—all online.

Complete onboarding in

Redokun is clutter-free and incredibly easy to use. No need to spend time teaching your team members what buttons to click—Redokun sends them a link, and they can get to work right away.

What our customers are saying

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It changed our processes too fast, like, far more efficient than before. So we're not only saving money, we're also saving timelines. And what used to take us three weeks now it takes us a week or a few days.

A headshot of Danilo Mantilla
Danilo Mantilla
International Project Coordinator, FranklinCovey
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We are saving between 60 to 70% of our time now because the whole process of getting the file ready doesn’t take much. And then from that, uploading the files to Redokun is much faster. It takes about 1/10 of the time compared to having to do it manually through creating and sending email files.”

A headshot of Kenni Anderson, Graphic Team Lead at Rockfon
Kenni Anderson
Graphic Team Lead, Rockfon

Complete translations in a few simple steps



Upload files and assign tasks in multiple languages simultaneously

No more sending 20+ emails with task requests and constantly chasing people for updates. Simply upload the files, choose the target languages you need, and assign tasks to your translators. Check their progress on your requests and find all of the latest versions of your files right away.

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Redokun's app online translation UI
Redokun's app online translation UIRedokun's app online translation UIRedokun's app online translation UIRedokun's app online translation UIRedokun's app online translation UI



Speed up progress on translation tasks in one dedicated space

Your translators can communicate and collaborate on tasks without ever needing to leave Redokun, all while leveraging the power of AI to speed up their work. Reuse old translations, select from automatic machine translation suggestions, or brainstorm together—it’s all possible.

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Redokun's app online translation UI



Translate the text without losing context 

Not all of your team members will have licenses for tools like InDesign or the knowledge of how to use them. With Redokun, they can translate everything online without losing out on that all-important context, as Redokun displays page previews for InDesign and PPTX files as they work.

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Redokun's app online translation UI



Download fully formatted translations with a single click 

Once the translator is finished working on the document, you get an automatic notification that the task is done. The file will be ready for you to download, with all the translated parts in the right place—no more copy-pasting for weeks on end.

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Redokun's app online translation UI



Update your documents in multiple languages with ease

Ever had to update those documents you finished a year ago in multiple languages? Don’t worry—upload the file to Redokun, and it will automatically highlight and notify your translators about the revised sections while keeping progress intact. 

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Redokun's app online translation UI