Use Redokun with in-house translators

Invite Your Team to Translate Adobe InDesign Files Online

Redokun provides a complete set of tools for InDesign translation. The internal InDesign translation tool, Web Editor, can be used by anyone, anywhere and without installing additional software

4 Reasons To Translate InDesign Files Online With Redokun

Reuse past translations. Increase productivity and consistency at the same time
Translate in the Cloud, no other software besides a browser is necessary
Speed up and gain control over your translation workflow
Improve organization and quality

Redokun Web Editor: an InDesign translation tool

The workflow includes just 4 simple steps:
  1. Upload the InDesign file to Redokun
  2. Invite your translators to translate the document
  3. Once they confirm that the translation is done, you’ll get a notification email
  4. Download your translated document in InDesign file format

Pre-Translate using your past translations

Alternatively to the InDesign online translation tool, you can export text from InDesign in an Excel/XLIFF file and reimport the same file with the translation.
Explore the export/import of Excel/XLIFF file workflow ‣

Easy to use, yet powerful

No training is required: the Web Editor was designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. Even so, the Web Editor is a powerful translation tool and leverages fast Translation Memories. Since Redokun is in the Cloud, the translator doesn’t need to install new software; a modern browser is the only requirement

Keep document styles

Redokun keeps track of all style changes in the sentence. It uses Tags that are enforced while translating the text so you won’t have to fix the document styles after the translation is finished. Also, glyphs and special characters are maintained with Redokun’s own text markers

Monitor Translations

Keep track of translation jobs live in your account on Redokun. Control and manage translations on multiple InDesign documents simultaneously with Redokun. Upload your brochure, catalogues, user manuals, etc. on Redokun and monitor your translation jobs as they are being done

Automated Communications

Automated emails and Redokun-integrated notifications tell your translators when they can start working. You will be notified as soon as a translator accepts the job and when the translation is completed

The easiest way to translate your documents. Free for 14 days.