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Case study: Pfannenberg

Pfannenberg case study
“With Redokun the time to market is almost immediate and we can manage several languages at the same time.”

About Pfannenberg

Globally, Pfannenberg provides some of the most innovative and high-quality electro-technology products for industry.

Data Client
Company Pfannenberg Group
Market Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Specialties Thermal Management for Electrical Enclosures, Process Cooling - Chillers, Signaling Technology
Employees 600
Customer Ambra Lazzari - Marketing Manager

Producing marketing collateral for the globe

The corporate headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany, while branch offices are present in many countries around the world, such as Brazil, China, England, France, Italy, Russia, India, Singapore, and the US.

Pfannenberg produces documents in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Indian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Their main publications consist of two 200-page product catalogues published annually, initially in German and English.

The German version was first translated into English, and subsequently from English into all the other eight languages.

The challenge

“The InDesign production process for the latest catalogue took us more than three months, TWO of which were entirely dedicated to localizing in different languages.”

A single designer had to export all the text from the master InDesign file into a Word document, which was then translated into all the target languages.

Finally, the translations were copied back into the original layout.

After this first step, the translated documents were personalized for each specific market and the terminology adapted by each internal marketing specialist employed in the target-marked area.

That of course was one of the aspects that Pfannenberg wanted to improve in their workflow.

Deciding to switch to Redokun

A colleague from the American branch suggested that Ambra try Redokun.

Ambra tried a few different solutions and approaches, and later decided to go with Redokun.

Redokun allows Ambra and her global team to work faster on their marketing material thanks to the translation memories that Redokun stores.

Also, it brings greater flexibility, thereby allowing a hybrid internal/external translation workflow.

Combining both internally-made translations and the work of external translation vendors, Pfannenberg reduced their time-to-market (TTM).

The things Pfannenberg loves about Redokun

With Redokun, Pfannenberg was able to improve an entire process in a very short period of time without having to educate the team or make huge changes to their workflow.

“We often translate our marketing material into 4-6 languages and the InDesign task to re-enter the translation was previously managed by a single person taking 2-3 weeks for each, one after the other. Now it’s almost immediate and we can manage several languages at the same time.”

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