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50 Best Free and Paid InDesign Presentation Templates (2024)

A collection of top indesign presentation templates

Who said you can't put together a stunning slide deck in minutes? You've got all the big ideas and we've got 50 amazing presentation InDesign templates you can start customizing now.

In this list, you'll find both free and paid InDesign Templates that we've carefully handpicked and organized by category. Feel free to jump to the section you find most interesting:

If you have no time to scroll? Find the styles you like more quickly by using this search bar:

Free InDesign Presentation Templates

1. Quirky Artisan

Quirky Artisan

Give your presentation a touch of quirk to show off your work! Go ahead and customize this template with your images and text. And feel free to adjust the fonts and object styles to fit your pitch!

2. Modern Smart Casual

Modern Smart Casual

Go for a modern look without overdoing it with a simple and straightforward presentation. This template uses soft tones of orange and grey, along with smart font styles to ensure you deliver your concepts loud and clear.

3. Muted Modern Look

Muted Modern Look

Place your images against muted tones, and edit the texts in this this free template to make it your own. Move around the paragraphs and objects, then choose from a variety of character styles to achieve a modern presentation.

4. Throwback To Retro

Throwback To Retro

Tune up your sharp proposal using a boldy retro presentation. With this free template, you get to customize the characters and objects to highlight your ideas on beige, black, and white pages.

5. The Memphis Flow

The Memphis Flow

Throw in some fun appeal to your presentation using this mephis-inspired layout. With fun lines, shapes, and colors, this free template is ready to hold your texts and images under the best light.

Modern InDesign Presentation Templates

6. Formal Flair

Formal Flair

Project your flair onto your presentation using this formal and easy-to-follow landscape template. Place your images and text on white pages with green undertone accents to make each slide engaging.

7. The Attractive Modernist

The Attractive Modernist

Attract your readers with a modern presentation that sharply lays down your ideas. This template has warm tones of beige, grey, and red that fittingly complements  every image.

8. The Modern Loop

The Modern Loop

Loop in everyone's interest by presenting your proposal using a modern template with circular elements. Accentuated with blues and grey, this template is sure to level up your layout. Download and edit it with your own texts and images today!

9. Edgy Modern Blues

Edgy Modern Blues

Open more doors for opportunities with a presentation that magnifies your edge. Use this template to showcase your designs on clean pages, texturized by blue, grey, and black objects that will boost the appeal of your ideas.

10. Simplicity above all

Simplicity above all

A total of 28 pages with a simple yet unique layout with strong, and contemporary typography. Perfect for when you want to showcase your design in a simple yet bold way.

11. The Yellow Project

The Yellow Project

Bring your concepts to life by displaying them in a warm modern presentation with sharp fonts and a touch of bright yellow. Just customize this template with your images and texts, then it's ready for show!


12. Plain And Straight

Plain And Straight

Be on point with your concepts and ideas in a simply straighforward proposal. Set your thoughts on this template stylized with yellow boards and blue accents. And get to edit the characters and objects to suit your theme.

13. Dark Blue Decorum

Volume up your modernist vibes by presenting your ideas using a dark blue portfolio with grey accents. This template features smartly laid out images and text spaces that will make a great fit for any presentation.

14. The Pale Appeal

The Pale Appeal

Make your presentation easy to the eyes using a template with pale blue and gray base. And lay out your ideas by choosing from a variety of character styles and use objects to present data that clearly deliver your topic.

15. Striking Vision

Striking Vision

Strike your audience with strong visuals to embolden your discussion. Use this template to highlight your key points with red and gray objects and backgrounds that make each slide a gaze holder.

16. Less Hues, More Use

Less Hues, More Use

Propose your ideas using a formal but modernly attractive layout. With minimal hues of gray and yellow accents, this template will surely dapper up your presentation. And it is readily editable to hold your images and texts.

17. The Blue Emphasis

The Blue Emphasis

Put emphasis on your key points using blue accents. In this template, you get to personalize your presentation using the built-in fonts and fully editable design objects that give off that modern look.

18. Classy Catalog Block

Classy Catalog Block

Drive a classy ride with a catalog-style presentation. This template will pose your discussion in black-highlighted pages with red accents. Play with the font and block styles to best engage your audience.

19. The Modern Elite

The Modern Elite

Set your presentation from the rest with this modern template. With blue and gray highlights that will give your discussion an elite feel, this multipurpose ensemble is a sure boost of visual appeal.

20. Warm Professional

Warm Professional

Achieve that professional yet engaging feel by using this template. Its white base is lifted by accents of gray and warm yellow, making the presentation appear pleasing and not distracting.

Colourful InDesign Presentation Templates

21. Tricolor Rendezvous

Tricolor Rendezvous

Liven up your presentation with undertones of yellow, red, and black. Customize each page of this landscape layout by playing with the font and object styles to best deliver your discussion.

22. Pastel Plunge

Pastel Plunge

Put on a visually pleasing presentation with pastel tones of blue and pink as accents. Along with soft patterns and designs, each stylized slide will surely catch your audience's eyes.

23. Filled In Focus

Filled In Focus

Ace your presentation with this cool-toned template that enhances text and image focus with red, peach, and blue fills. Simply add your visuals and edit the characters, then you're ready to go in front!

24. Refreshing Rapport

Refreshing Rapport

Grab your audience's interest with a refreshing presentation. This template uses the light rapport between pink and green accents, making each slide aesthetic. All it needs is your texts and images!

25. The Nat Geo

The Nat Geo

Impress anyone with a straight-to-the-point presentation, accentuated with nature colors of brown, green, and yellow. This template is fully editable, so you're free to move the images, characters, and paragraphs to your preference.

26. Simply Navy

Simply Navy

Clarify your ideas using a simple and well-structured presentation. With a navy blue base and light blue accents, this template makes for a neat and easy to read business plan, proposal, and more.

27. The Eye Candy

The Eye Candy

Prepare to have all eyes on your candy-colored presentation. This template will back your ideas with fun elements and bold, legible characters. Add in your visuals and play with the designs and fonts!


28. Yellow Linings

Yellow Linings

Illuminate your concepts with yellow highlights using this professional template. Each page is organized with figures, characters, and linings that will help clarify your presentation of any purpose.

29. Vivid Corner

Vivid Corner

Speak your mind vividly through a professionally laid out presentation with blue and orange accents. This template has careful placements of texts, images, and icons so that you can convey your concepts effectively.

30. The Extra Mile

Step out of conventions with a modern and neatly designed blue presentation. Use this template and customize the smart icons, characters, and figures. Then adjust the texts and images to suit your concepts professionally.

Minimalist InDesign Presentation Templates

31. The Minimal Millennial

Fill your presentation with accents of beige and gray using this minimalist template. Its professionally organized slides, highlighting the key points, will surely help your draw your audience's attention.

32. Toned Down

Toned Down

Level up your presentation with toned down colors. Every page features a plain background with aesthetic accents of beige to achieve that minimalist look. All you have to do is insert your texts and images!

33. White Turner

White Turner

Turn every eye to your presentation with this pleasingly white template. On each slide, you get to put the focus on important information, thanks to the minimalist font styles and smart image placements.

34. Aesthetic Mint

Aesthetic Mint

Exhibit your best ideas through an aesthetic presentation. This template has mint accents and a touch of pale orange, resulting in a pleasing and organized display of data. Use it and wow your audience throughout!

35. On Point Gradient

On Point Gradient

Shoot every detail of your presentation with on-point visuals. The slides in this template features gradient elements, from fills to icons. Personalize it with your own texts and images, and it's set to project your concepts.

36. Vintage Bloom

Vintage Bloom

Impress everyone with a vintage-themed presentation. Use this template, adorned by classic serif characters and beige accents to take your discussion into full bloom. Edit the file with your texts and images in just a few clicks!

37. More Than Minimum

More Than Minimum

Achieve more with minimal colors using this presentation template. Limited to blue, orange, and yellow accents, the slides in this file makes a fine display of data that's easy to visualize.

38. The Monochrome

The Monochrome

Maximize the potential of your proposal using a monochromatic template. Every flip features black and white elements which are organized in a deliberate manner. Plus, the file is fully editable!

39. Prudent Plains

Prudent Plains

Show prudence in your presentation with this minimal template. The pages are strategically plain with gray and orange accents. Go ahead and add your own texts and images, then move around the elements to best convey your concepts.

40. Pale Pages

Pale Pages

Capture your audience through an aesthetic presentation composed of pale colors. This template uses undertones of pink and blue, along with bold fonts to help you put together a clear proposal.

Simple InDesign Presentation Templates

41. Easy Classic

Easy Classic

Ease up on colors and take the classic black and whiite layout. With this simple vertical template, you get easily editable characters, paragraphs, and images to go along with any topic.

42. Simply Organic

Simply Organic

Leave no room for distraction with a minimal presentation. Use this template to exhibit your organic visuals by inserting your texts and images on white slides.

43. Wide Range

Wide Range

Showcase your range through a simple but striking presentation with dark blue and orange accents. You can use this template for a wide variety of topics/purposes. Add in your work and you're good to go!

44. Multipurpose Mono

Multipurpose Mono

Meet your desired impression by putting together a smart presentation. Using this black and white template with beige accents, you can simply insert your images, type in your texts, and move around the elements to convey your ideas.


45. Route Blue

Route Blue

Take the straightforward route to a successful presentation with this simple template. Each page has concise spaces for characters and paragraphs, along with blue and gray accents that enhances the appeal of the layout.

46. Snappy Simple

Snappy Simple

Create a snappy presentation using this simple vertical template. White pages with yellow green accents is all you need to highlight your best ideas into one deliberate proposal.

47. Still Teal

Still Teal

Aim for your goal with a foursquare presentation. This template has a simple and smart layout with a pale teal accent. In addition, you can personalize the characters by choosing from a set of free fonts.

48. The Breakthrough

The Breakthrough

Prepare for your breakthrough with a neat and professional presentation. Use this template to visualize your ideas, and feel free to edit the colors, paragraph styles, fonts, and objects to best match your theme.

49. The Blueprint

The Blueprint

Collate your concepts into one dapper presentation. With strong blue accents, this template is fully editable from background to design elements. Edit it with your images and texts to make your print!

50. Gray Guarantee

Gray Guarantee

Demonstrate your concepts and ideas through an elegantly simple presentation. This template has 40 organized pages with gray accents and editable paragraph syles that guarantee a fit for any topic.


You made it! You're at the end of our InDesign presentation templates list. Thank you for reading.

We did our best to diversify our list in terms of colours, shapes, and styles so that regardless of the business you're in, you could find something that suits you. So, we do hope you found just the right presentation template.

If you are looking into creating another type of InDesign document - make sure you head to our InDesign templates page.

All the best,


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