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How Solar Solutions upscaled their multilingual marketing with Redokun

Solar Solutions Case Study with Redokun

About Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions Group is a major supplier of solar products to homes and workplaces worldwide.

The team at Solar Solutions has more than three decades of experience in the industry. It’s no surprise that the company’s solar modules, inverters, and batteries are known for their high quality and efficiency. The products are also good for the planet, as they generate renewable energy to help consumers cover their electricity needs in more sustainable ways.

In the past seven years, Solar Solutions has seen impressive growth in its market presence across the globe. However, getting there hasn’t been easy — as expected when the scope of your business activities expands to cover almost every continent in the world.

About Solar Solutions

Renewable energy solutions, delivered worldwide.

Based in Switzerland, Solar Solutions now exports their products to over 30 countries.

With such a wide range of target markets, the company has to invest significant effort in translation and localization. And to grow at such a scale, you need scalable processes; not to mention, the tools that help you focus your time on what matters.

I had a learning process where I had to simplify things, and the fact that Redokun supports other file formats was incredibly time-saving.

Since we care a great deal about our clients at Redokun, we try to catch up with them regularly to find out how we can adapt our tool to serve their needs at every stage of the localization process.

That’s why we recently spoke to Daniela Moreale, marketing manager at Solar Solutions and an experienced translator herself. During the conversation, she told us about how her company succeeded in scaling its multilingual marketing efforts despite many challenges.

And, of course, how Redokun helped her team achieve its goals.

The Problem

Complex workflows slowed down translation productivity.

Problems: Complex workflow, frustrating manual process, formatting and design errors

There are many steps involved in the marketing localization process, which can be downright exhausting when:

  • You have many publication deadlines, but not enough time to meet them.
  • Your content assets are spread out across many different file formats.

That was precisely the situation the team at Solar Solutions found themselves in before they adopted Redokun.

Since they created a lot of their marketing materials using InDesign, Word, and Excel, they would often run into issues with formatting and copy-pasting text back and forth between files.

Daniela explains that:

Before, I found myself having to spend so much time translating documents. I had so many translations to do.

Then, once translations were finally done, she ran into another problem: manually reproducing the layout of the document in the translated versions.

In other words, Daniela experienced the drawbacks of a translation flow where you rely on many different tools that you may or may not be familiar with. Not only does it take a lot of time — but you also run the risk of errors in formatting.

So, the problem I had landed on you for, was being able to do translations with my layout and having it deliver something back to me in InDesign… [Redokun] solved the initial problem.

Formatting errors are one thing, but then you also have to consider aspects like:

  • The accuracy of the translation.
  • Making sure that the terminology is consistent with your industry and brand voice.

Daniela tells us that Solar Solutions, like many of Redokun’s clients, addressed these problems by doing most of their translations in-house. That’s because their previous experiences with outsourcing translations left much to be desired in terms of quality and price, especially because they did not have an easily accessible style guide to keep their translations consistent.

At that point, Daniela realized that Solar Solutions had to simplify its localization process to make it more streamlined, cost-efficient, and conducive to high quality translations. She figured it would be beneficial to use a tool that handles all steps of the localization process, from the initial translation to publication.

Now, what is a tool that does exactly that?

You guessed it — Redokun.

The Solution

Simple, efficient and consistent marketing translations with Redokun.

Solution: Streamlined process, 100% consistent translations, 10/10 tool satisfaction

In her search for a translation tool to solve Solar Solutions’ problems, Daniela found Redokun. While she tried out a few other tools along the way, she quickly realized that Redokun was the best match for their needs.

When asked about the biggest benefits of Redokun, she reveals that there were two major reasons she chose to stay with us:

  1. Redokun saves her team a ton of time.
  2. Redokun gives her confidence that the translations are consistent.

Another benefit is that Redokun lets her complete all the steps of localizing a file on her own, without relying on any third party.

Daniela tells us that Redokun hit the nail on the head by providing her with exactly what she needed to do and more.

What Redokun allows me to do is that I am totally independent with the layout; so if I want to change it, I don’t have to go through anyone else. And I can do the translations quickly anyway. So, I totally maintain my independence.

Even if she were to outsource the translations again, she says that is now possible because Redokun automatically creates a database of translation memories from their projects.

It saves time, and the translations are consistent with each other, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Now, if I have to outsource these translations, I know that I can do it because there is [an] exportable vocabulary.

The fact that Redokun supported multiple file formats increased the speed of their translation process, which saved them in many situations.

Some of our other features, like machine translation using DeepL, boosted their translation productivity as it allows the translator to work with pre-translated segments instead of having to come up with their own words.

As a result, Redokun became an invaluable asset to Solar Solutions in the process of achieving their market expansion objectives.

Thanks to Redokun we are doing it, we are achieving goals. It absolutely solves the problem for me and will help me achieve even more possibilities.

So, when we asked Daniela how she would rate her experience with Redokun so far, this was her answer:

I give Redokun a 10 out of 10. Without a shadow of doubt.

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