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Translating product documents for multiple markets takes too much time.

The entire process demands good attention to detail. The translations must use the correct technical terms. Plus, they should stay consistent every time your company updates a product-related document.

You might outsource some of the work to translation agencies, but the content delivered still contains mistakes that your internal team must fix. And after that, you still need to put the translations back into the original design file, through InDesign or similar.

If you’re copying texts and inserting the translations by hand, for 20 languages, you’ll have zero time for other tasks!

Your new product document translation process is fast, consistent, & scalable. So easy you can implement it today


Start and finish your next translation project without extracting or copy-pasting any text from your document.

Upload your document directly to Redokun - InDesign, PowerPoint, Word, etc. No need to extract any text yourself.
Add target languages and invite team members to translate online using Redokun’s AI-enabled platform.
You can check the progress of all languages at a glance on the project dashboard.
When a translation is complete, you can download a file that has the same layout & styles as your original document.
The file is ready to use! If you uploaded an InDesign document, Redokun will generate the translation in InDesign for you. Same goes for other file formats.

Using this exact workflow, WhizCut futureproofed the translation of product & marketing content.

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It was so simple for me to get started. [Redokun] helps with the translations today, but it makes every translation in the future easier. This is the key for us. I know that the next catalog we do, it'll take less and less time the more data we get in. The more I work with it, the better the tool works.”

A headshot of Chris Schmidt, Managing Director of Whizcut
Chris Schmidt
Managing Director, WhizCut
See how WhizCut did it

With a simple tool, your translation workflow feels lighter in every way, even for complex documents.


Reduction in translation costs at WhizCut.

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Translation consistency at Solar Solutions.

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Translation productivity at Rockfon

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Translations done on time at DEA System.

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Translate all your product documentation under one roof

Redokun supports file formats like InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JSON, and more! Simply upload the original file and start translating.

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Simplify & speed up your product document translations with Redokun

Very easy to use

With a simple UI, your team won’t need intensive training or onboarding.

Collaborate with anyone

Using just one tool, you can translate with in-house teams or external agencies - no messy email threads or spreadsheets needed.

Never extract or input text manually again

Preserve your document’s layout and styles automatically.

Meet your company’s quality & technical standards

Redokun automatically tells your team how to translate specific texts based on your Glossary + the way you’ve translated them before.

AI-powered suggestions

Get instant translation suggestions from Google Translate or DeepL. They can even be enhanced further if you add your Glossary to Redokun.

Automatically reuse & repurpose translations in subsequent projects

Helps you stay consistent across different content types & document versions.

Responsive support + 30-day money-back guarantee