60 Modern Annual Report Design Templates (Free and Paid)

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Lacking design experience can really set you back, especially if you need a good annual report. This type of document is generally overlooked and is thought to be boring. In reality, it is a great opportunity to capture how the year went by. Take advantage of it, and find the right annual report design for you!

We've gathered a total of sixty exceptional InDesign templates that will allow you to tell your business's story, give a detailed overview of the previous year, and more importantly, impress your clients.

Wait no more to dive into our carefully selected list and find what you are looking for.

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Best Annual Report Design Templates

  1. Annual Report with Blue Accents

annual report design preview

This template has: a flawless design, a practical structure, many different elements, and an interesting color palette. Need I say more?

  1. Annual Report Layout with Green Accents

annual report template preview

Creative green accents and a neat layout. This annual report template is suitable for any serious company that wants to showcase the annual accomplishments, reached goals, and growth. Specifically, if they want to do it in a visually appealing way.

  1. The Colorful Layout

business report template preview

A combination of vivid colors, interesting structure, and a clean overall layout. An annual report that is sure to leave its mark!

  1. The Bold Choice

financial report template preview

Make quite a statement with this bold annual report template. The careful selection of colors and the horizontal orientation make this template extraordinary.

  1. Annual Report Layout with Gold Accents

finance report template preview

Elegant and modern, this annual report design shines with its exquisiteness and exceptional attention to detail.

  1. Annual Report Brochure Layout with Yellow Accents

business report template preview

This template is more on the creative side. The many infographics and the bright yellow color make this annual report design interesting and unique.

  1. A Combination of Neutral Colors

annual report design preview

This annual report design is unique because of its color palette - layers and tones of brown and beige combined with a white background. Truly mesmerizing.

  1. The Effortless Design

annual report template preview

Sophisticated and timeless, with a charming color palette, and subtle elements. Everything you can ever want out of an annual report.

  1. Annual Report Layout with Teal Elements

business report template preview

The captivating teal details of this annual report really make it stand out. The way they play off the white background and frame different elements of the layout is stunning.

  1. Presentation Brochure Layout with Navy and Red Elements

financial report template preview

Be bold and fearless by choosing to tell your business's story with the help of this extraordinary annual report template. In other words, dare to be unique!

  1. All of the Versatile Elements

financial report template preview

This template stands out from all the other annual report templates because it is practical. It's packed with countless different elements and infographics to help you tell your story clearly. However, it's more than a methodical and boring report, it's captivating yellow details really make it pop!

  1. Minimalist Annual Report Design

annual report design preview

If you need something elegant and straightforward, this annual report template is the one for you. In particular, its simple layout, its uncluttered design, and its basic color palette, are sure to fit your needs.

  1. Black and Teal Elements

finance report template preview

Present all the vital information from the previous year, while simultaneously giving an overview of the company. For instance, you can include sections such as: about us, employees, portfolio, etc. All of this through a flawless design and a colorful structure.

  1. Annual Report Layout with Yellow and Grey Accents

business report template preview

Refreshing and creative! Are you trying to stand out from the crowd? This business report template will allow you to do  just that.

  1. Finance Data Report

Business Report Design

No business can go without a finance data report. This financial report template is striking thanks to its elegant color palette and practical layout.

  1. Clean and Professional Annual Report

annual report design preview

This template is made up of sixteen different pages in total, and each of them is user-friendly and easy to edit.  In addition, its vivid orange details  and clean design make this template a winner!

  1. Annual Report Design with Blue Accents

annual report template preview

Numerous shades of blue color this practical annual report design. It is packed with versatile elements, that make it easy to read, and stunning to look at.

  1. Corporate Annual Report Design

business report template preview

Spread across twenty pages, each designed with great attention to detail, this template is flawless. The white and blue color palette is captivating, while the layout is clear and practical.

  1. The Timeless Design

financial report template preview

An annual report design such as this one is modern, yet timeless. In other words, it's a safe and trendy choice. This template in particular, contains lots of graphical data, charts, and paragraphs that allow you to successfully tell your story.

  1. Annual Report Layout in Grey with Yellow Accents

annual report template preview

If you don’t consider yourself a fan of minimalist and monochrome designs, then this template is the one for you. Creative and colorful elements create this vibrant template that is practical and captivating.

  1. Annual Report Layout with Teal Geometric Elements

annual report template preview

Choosing this annual report template means choosing creativity over everything. It is fun, innovative, artistic, and unique. In other words, a great choice!

  1. The Compelling Red Details

annual report design preview

The red details of this annual report really make it stand out. The structure and layout are innovative and framed by these geometric red elements. As a result, this template is chic and vibrant.

  1. Minimal Annual Report Template

Minimal annual report template preview

Less is more! Often, sticking with the basics is the best choice, and this business report template is all about that. White background, uncluttered design and solid structure. What more could you want?

  1. All of The Blue Details

finance report template preview

This annual report is flawless because of its practical and organized layout. In addition, the blue details allow all of your vital information to stand out even more.

  1. Dominant Red

finance report template preview

Are you looking for something out of the box, something extraordinary? Look no further! This template has: infographic elements, practical layout, and a bold red color palette. In other words, it will fulfill all your needs.

  1. The Blue Circle Elements

business report template preview

Interesting circle elements, deep blue details on a white background, careful picture placement, and plenty of paragraphs to report annual achievements. All in all, this annual report template is both stunning and practical.

  1. Elegant Annual Report Template

Elegant Annual Report Template

Organize your data from the previous year and showcase your achievements and growth with this elegant annual report template.

  1. Company Profile Layout with Blue Accents

annual report design preview

This business report template is creative thanks to its geometrical elements, yet the overall structure is professional and elegant.

  1. The Stylish Business Proposal Layout

annual report template preview

A total of twenty-four pages with flawless design, blue details, and practical elements.

  1. The Horizontal Oriented Business Proposal

annual report template preview

This template has an interesting structure, neatly-organized elements, and a simple color palette. One of many practical annual report designs.

  1. The Gradient Domination

business report template preview

Fall in love with the gradient element that characterizes this annual report. This template, like many others, has a variety of practical and important elements such as tables, charts, and photo placeholders.

  1. Simple Business Report Template

business report template preview

Tell your business's story with this simple, user-friendly, business report template. Its traditional look is sure to make your achievements all the more clear.

  1. Business Proposal Layout with Yellow and Grey Accents

 financial report template previewThis template has: a unique color palette, an innovative structure, many practical elements, and many useful infographics. In other words, it has everything you need.

  1. Horizontal Business Proposal with Light Blue Accents

annual report template preview

Choose this template and give your readers an entirely different experience. The light blue accents and the horizontal orientation, make this annual report refreshing and innovative.

  1. Modern Annual Report

annual report template preview

Thirty pages, all easy to customize, make up this annual report template. Its flawless structure, and landscape orientation are made all the more stunning by the blue color palette. In short, this template will satisfy your need for perfectionism and attention to details.

  1. Navy Blue Details

annual report design preview

Choose this template with an effective layout so as to publish an in-depth analysis with many financial details, and practical charts.

  1. Minimalist Proposal Brochure Layout with Green and Pink Accents

finance report template preview

Choose to tell your business's story with the help of this elegant annual report. The color palette is subtle, the overall layout is creative, and the structure is flawless.

  1. Annual Report Design with Great Typography

Annual Report Design

Typography is front and center in this annual report design. This template is perfect for anybody that wants to present images alongside infographics and text in a stylish and elegant way.

  1. Annual Report Layout with Red Accents

business report template

An unconventional and creative alternative to the traditional plain white annual report. Namely, this template has a captivating layout and, even more, a stunning color palette.

  1. Contemporary Layout

annual report design

A professional and modern layout with clean lines and a neat design. This twenty-page template has a bold color palette and  captivating geometrical details.

  1. The Yellow Hues

annual report design preview

Like any other template on this list, this annual report allows you to illustrate your business's yearly growth. However, unlike most of the ones you've seen, this template stands out thanks to its yellow color palette. Are you ready to stand out?

  1. Annual Report Presentation with Blue Accents

annual report template

This template has an horizontal orientation which, paired with useful infographics, allows a detailed report of your company and its annual achievements.

  1. Business Proposal Layout with Red Accents

annual report template preview

A unique and bold color palette, paired with a neatly organized layout. In other words, an elegant yet confident choice for an annual report template.

  1. Annual Report Brochure Layout with Green Accents

annual report brochure preview

The natural and soothing color palette makes this annual report template very delicate. Tell your story in a refreshing way.

  1. Square Corporate Brochure Annual Report

business report template

This multipurpose annual report has a square shape, grey and green details, and a neat structure that allows you to visualize all the milestones, and give an clear overview of the year that went by.

  1. Black and White Project Proposal

business report template

Monochromatic and simple. This black and white project proposal is the perfect choice if you need something basic yet timeless.

  1. The Grey and Orange Accents

financial report template preview

Modern and visually appealing, with grey and orange geometric accents. Overall, a sleek and elegant annual report design.

  1. Light Grey and Pale Green Annual Report Layout

finance report template

Do you want to “play it safe”? Well, with this annual report template you definitely can. Its basic layout, and pale green accents are perfect for any corporation or business.

  1. The Dot Elements

annual report design

If you are looking for something innovative and interesting, this template is the right choice. Specifically, the white background, the orange details and the dot elements, make this annual report unforgettable.

  1. Magazine Layout with Orange Accents

annual report design preview

Every page of this annual report radiates creativity. The horizontal orientation and the square elements are made all the more captivating by the orange accents. Selecting this template means standing out from the crowd.

  1. Business Report Template

Business Report Template Preview

Sometimes, too much creativity can be a distraction. Therefore, a minimalist choice can be the answer. With that in mind, we chose this financial report template for you. The colors and structure and basic and straightforward, so as to allow you to tell your story in a no-nonsense way.

  1. Blue Geometry

annual report template

Attractive geometrical elements, impeccable layout, and uncluttered design. In short, a company's dream annual report.

  1. Photographic Business Report Layout

annual report template

This annual report template is perfect if you want to include many photos. The overall design is polished and the pages are minimalist, therefore, the pictures will be front and center.

  1. Annual Report Design

Annual Report Design

Take creativity and imagination to an entirely new level with the help of this business report template.

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Free Annual Reports

  1. Business Proposal Layout

Free annual report design preview

Play it safe with this simple yet practical and versatile business proposal layout. Easy to customize and appealing, it will be perfect for all of your professional projects.

  1. Minimalist Annual Report Layout

 annual report template preview template

A contemporary design combined with a perfectly organized structure and a bold color palette. In short, his free annual report has it all.

  1. Company Data Sheet Layout

business report template preview

A two-page professional and simple data sheet. This template is suitable for a brief and bold presentation.

  1. Minimal Brochure Layout

financial report template preview

The perfect balance between uniqueness and minimalism. This template has a black and white color palette, bold orange details, and many subtle versatile elements.

  1. Interactive Annual Report Layout

Interactive Annual Report Layout Preview

This free annual report template is unique thanks to some built-in navigation elements, all interactive, which are very practical. In addition, the blue and white alternating backgrounds give this template a modern feel.

  1. The Modern Layout

digital annual report design template preview

An horizontal orientation and a white background with blue details. This template, is simple yet visually bold. It allows you to tell your story in a professional and appealing way.

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