75 Fresh InDesign templates and where to find more

by Stefano Bernardi 12 minutes to read

InDesign templates are great to start-up your projects quickly or get that creativity boost that you need. In this post, I’ll teach you how to create your own templates and where to find the best. I also created a list of the best templates divided by categories.

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InDesign templates divided by categories

Wether you are looking for a ready-to-use template or for inspiration, these places linked above will help you. The documents you’ll see below are just an example of what you can find on those websites.

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Free InDesign Templates

This first section offers exclusively free templates, but don't despair if you can't find what you are looking for, some other free options have been added also on other sections of this post, and you can always use our search functionality at the very end of this post.

  1. Adventure Digital Magazine Layout

This free template looks amazing and modern! ePub ready, it's perfect for for adventure or travel publications.
Digital Magazine Template

  1. Minimalist Magazine Layout

Simple and minimalistic design. On top of that, it's a free InDesign template! Get it and start designing your magazine!

Minimalist Magazine Free InDesign Template

  1. News Magazine Layout

Lots of layout options in this template. A perfect fit for school or community magazines.

News Magazine Template

  1. Clean and Modern Magazine Layout

Clean and modern, this template can be use for many different kinds of publication.

Clean and Modern Free Magazine Template

  1. Modern Studio Book InDesign Template

I can hardly believe this template is free – and yet, here it is. Elegant and modern, perfect for art and design publications.

Modern Studio Book InDesign Template

  1. Business Proposal Layout

Versatile and professional, this template is perfect for your business proposal.

Business Proposal Template

  1. Multi-Page Portfolio Layout

A landscape graphic design, many different layout options. This portfolio is the perfect template to showcase your projects and skills.

Multi-Page Portfolio Layout

  1. Sophisticated Proposal INDEsign Template

Very high quality document. This template is great for pitching your ideas and business ventures.

Sophisticated Free InDesign Template

  1. Minimalist Branding Book Template

Nice and  detailed stylebook layout. Great for highlighting your brand, products, or business.

Minimalist Branding Book Template

  1. Interactive Block Project Layout

With pre-built interactive navigations, this template is a great choice for your digital portfolio or a project presentation.
Interactive Block Project Layout

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InDesign Resume Templates

  1. Contemporary and Elegant

Very clean and modern CV and cover letter.  They come in two formats: US-letter and A4 (from Adobe Stock).

Contemporary and Elegant Resume Template Preview

  1. Be Bold

Amazing typography and an entire column about you. This resume is perfect for someone with a bold personality.
Bold Resume Template Preview

  1. Add Showcases

Perfect for designer roles. It comes with a template to showcase your best preview jobs.

InDesign resume template with showcases

  1. Elegant

Applying for an executive role? This is the right way to introduce yourself.

Elegant InDesign Resume Template Preview

  1. Tell A Story

Very clean and very easy to check. This resume tells your personal work story in the best way.

Resume Template Preview

  1. Minimalist

Minimal, with nice and bold typography.

Minimalist InDesign Resume Template Preview

  1. Use Some Style

Elegant and with a strong style this resume template will make you stand out from all the other candidates.

InDesign Resume Template Preview

  1. Elegant Single Page

A single page with a strong typographic style resume. Probably the most elegant and clean CV I've ever seen.

Elegant InDesign Resume Template Preview

Find The Right Resume Template

I was searching for the best InDesign Resume Templates and I stumbled upon so many great results and I started adding template after template after template to this post. Until I noticed that I was probably listing too many templates of Resumes – I had just fallen into a rabbit hole. Anyway, if none of the templates I linked above are what you are looking for, for this specific search, I’d suggest you head over to this list of the best resume templates.

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InDesign Book Templates

  1. Simple ePub

A simple and clean layout, easy to adapt to your content (source: Adobe Stock).

Simple ePub InDesign Template Preview

  1. Easy to Read ePub

Easy to read typography. Nice use of the white space. This InDesign template probably is the best choice for your ePubs and books.

Easy to Read ePub Preview

  1. The Poetry Book

An elegant, small layout format for novels and works of poetry.

The Poetry Book InDesign Template Preview

  1. The novel

When I saw this template, I thought it was coming directly from the public library. It's the perfect choice for narrative books and novels.

The novel Preview

  1. Modern

Are you looking for something a little more modern? Here we are. Lots of space to images and clean, thin typography (source: Adobe Stock).

Modern Book InDesign Template Preview

  1. The Japanese Book

Are you publishing a Japanese book? Here you have the most iconic of all the templates.

Japanese Book InDesign Template Preview

  1. Photography Book

With a lot of space for pictures. With some pages in black and some in white, this template is great for a photography or painting book.

Photography Book InDesign Template Preview

  1. Cook-book

Nice space for the pictures. White space. Terrific typography. This InDesign template has everything you need to create an amazing cook book.

Cook Book InDesign Template Preview

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InDesign Brochure Templates

  1. Elegant, Pastel Brochure

Minimal, with pastel colors, this template helps you create the most elegant of the brochures.

Pastel Brochure Preview

  1. Landscape Brochure

This brochure is the perfect fit to introduce a new product to the market. Nice use of the space, many different page templates and a lot of space for images.

Landscape Brochure Preview

  1. Business Brochure

Suitable for many varieties of industries, use this template to talk about your business.

Business Brochure Template Preview

  1. Elegant

Surely one of my favourite InDesign templates! With a strong personality and great combinations of Fonts, this template works perfectly for fashion designers, photographers, architects, food stylists or any creative project.

Elegant InDesign Template Preview

  1. Local shop

Are you marketing a local business? Look no further. This product presentation has everything you need and can be easily personalized to any industry and products.

Local Shop Template Preview

  1. Fashion-ready

Simple black sections with central titles, a lot of space for images, nice balance between titles, quotes and body-text, masculine – this InDesign template is the perfect brochure for high-end fashion products.

Fashion-ready Template Preview

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InDesign Magazine Templates

  1. Food Magazine

Are you hungry, yet? Clear structure for ingredients and step-by-step instructions combined with a lot of space for images. Your readers will be very hungry when you publish your food magazine using this template (source: link).

Food Magazine InDesign Template Preview

  1. Sofisticated

The colors and lettering used in this template give is quite a sophisticated look – it fits an art publication perfectly.

Sophisticated Magazine InDesign Template Preview

  1. Minimalist Magazine

Clean, minimalist, and modern. An amazing job that gives you lots of ideas on how to use pictures in your publication. Each page looks astonishing and the content is the main protagonist in this InDesign template. This is for sure one of the best InDesign templates I found online!

Minimalist Magazine InDesign Template Preview

  1. Landscape Minimalist Magazine

Many different page templates, easy to read typography, a great solution for a landscape magazine.

Landscape Minimalist Magazine Preview

  1. Architecture Magazine

The lettering and the use of space are measured so that the reader attention is on the pictures. This template works great with art and architecture magazines.

Architecture Magazine InDesign Template Preview

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  1. Contemporary

The magazine as you know it. A very classic layout but with an original and contemporary look.

Contemporary Magazine InDesign Template Preview

  1. Multifunctional

Forty pages of layout combinations in this template. You can use it for almost any kind of publication.

Multifunctional Magazine InDesign Template Preview

  1. For The Beauty Salon

Quite text-oriented, the structure of this template reminds me of when, as a kid, I used to wait for my mom at the hair salon and all I had to kill time was: beauty magazines. No kids were harmed.

Beaty Saloon Magazine InDesign Template Preview

  1. Modern Magazine

If your target is young people, this might be the perfect choice for your magazine layout.

Modern Magazine InDesign Template Preview

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InDesign Portfolio Templates

  1. Photography Portfolio

Amazing use of the page and the contrast between content and white space add movement to the entire design. The attention is completely directed to the pictures and the reader eyes are automatically glued to the content.

Photography Portfolio InDesign Template Preview

  1. Photography Portfolio

A little more space for text in this layout. The feeling is less art-oriented, and more travel. Use this template to tell a story or about a place.

Photography Portfolio InDesign Template Preview

  1. Lookbook

A layout with a strong personality. Add your text and black and white pictures for an amazing publication.

Lookbook InDesign Template Preview

  1. Designer Portfolio

Show what you can do. This template is perfect to display your past work.

Designer Portfolio InDesign Template Preview

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InDesign Business Card Templates

My idea was to not include business cards, but while searching for other templates, I found two templates that I really liked and so here they are.

  1. For The Local Business

This template, in two variants,  is perfect for anything like a barbershop, a shoe shop, a hair saloon, or even a photographer. If you can summarize your job with a beautiful picture, this is the template I would choose.

Business Card for Local Business InDesign Template Preview

  1. For Freelance Professionals

This is actually a bundle of templates, and it contains  quite a few variants that are perfect for any office worker or freelance.

Business Card for Professionals InDesign Template Preview

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InDesign Flyer Templates

  1. Real Estate Flyer

Well organized and clean, it also includes a roll-up banner.

Real Estate Flyer InDesign Template Preview

  1. High-End Real Estate Flyer

More dynamic, this is the perfect choice for promoting high-end estate.

High-End Real Estate Flyer InDesign Template Preview

  1. Corporate Flyer

Great example of what a corporate flyer needs. Main value proposal in the center, three pluses or insights right below, and your contact information.

Corporate Flyer InDesign Template Preview

  1. Shop Flyer

Are you running a sale or a special promotion? Is the new collection ready? This template will help you spread the news.

Shop Flyer InDesign Template Preview

  1. Shop Flyer 2

Another similar proposal, really nice use of the space and images.

Shop Flyer InDesign Template Preview

  1. Contemporary Art Flyer

Modern, elegant and on-trend. This flyer is a nice-fit to market an art exhibition.

Contemporary Art InDesign Template Preview

  1. Event Flyer

This template works great for any kind of event. Replace the text and the central image and you are ready to go.

Event Flyer InDesign Template Preview

  1. Farmers Market

This template is perfect for your local market or many other green events.

Event Flyer InDesign Template Preview

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InDesign Trifold Templates

  1. Clean Trifold

A clean layout with nice geometric design elements ready to describe a new product or talk about your business.

Clean Trifold InDesign Template Preview

  1. With Space For More Text

Dynamic, with more space inside for text – it's a great fit to explain your business services (source: Adobe Stock).

Trifold InDesign Template Preview

  1. Modern

Nice trifold, perfect to promote a course or an art exhibition.

Modern Trifold InDesign Template Preview

  1. Fancy Menu

Fresh and clean. A great choice for your bio café or small restaurant.

Menu InDesign template

  1. Business Trifold

This trifold looks very elegant and professional. A perfect start for illustrating your business and your services.

Business Trifold InDesign Template Preview

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InDesign Newspaper Templates

  1. The Classic Old Style

Working on a newspaper? Use the most classical of the styles and download this old-school template for InDesign.

InDesign Newspaper Template

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InDesign Report Templates

  1. Modern

Modern, with nice layout combinations. This template is a very nice start for an annual report or a business presentation.

Modern Report InDesign Template Preview

  1. Data Driven

Very elegant template. Nice use of the main color, the templates include many combinations of layout that will help you adapt this template to your content very easily.

Data Driven Report InDesign Template Preview

  1. Clean And Elegant

A very clean and elegant layout that makes your document easy to read. A perfect template to document the progress of your organization.

Clean and Elegant Report InDesign Template Preview

  1. Geometrical and Trendy

Very interesting use of lines and geometric forms in this InDesign template. More dynamic than the reports above, it gives your document more of a magazine look.

Geometrical Report InDesign Template Preview

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InDesign Catalog Templates

  1. Dynamic

Dynamic, with several nice combinations of design. It's the perfect template to list your products and show them in context.

Dynamic InDesign Catalog Templates Preview

  1. Clean And Professional

Suitable for food, fashion, lifestyle, adventure, property, and many other industries, this template works perfectly to show off your products in a wholesale catalog.

Clean InDesign Catalog Templates Preview

  1. For A Quick Delivery

A very simple layout that adapts to any need. Its structure makes it easy to use with data merge. See here how to use Data Merge in InDesign.

InDesign Catalog Templates Preview

  1. Elegant And Fresh

This catalog template looks wonderful. Very clean, with nice use of space and typography, it can be adapted to many different industries.

Elegant InDesign Catalog Templates Preview

  1. For Fashion

A clean layout with many ideas on how to use your pictures. It's the perfect template to use in InDesign for creating a fashion catalog.

InDesign Catalog Templates Preview

Find more catalog templates

You can find more Catalog Templates in our new post 50 Fresh InDesign Catalog Templates.

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InDesign Workbooks Templates

  1. Flexible And Modern

Another really nice template. It works perfectly as a workbook to train students and workers (source: Simple Classroom Workbook Layout).

InDesign Workbook Template Preview

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InDesign Restaurant Menu Templates

  1. Minimalist

Very minimal, quick to read, it adapts to any café or restaurant.

InDesign Restaurant Menu Template Preview

  1. Country

This template is perfect for those restaurants that offer more traditional fare with a homemade taste.

InDesign Restaurant Menu Template

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Templates for Designers

I found these two ideas and I really liked them so I thought about giving them some space in this post. These two last InDesign templates might be quite helpful if you are a freelance designer or work in an agency.

  1. Web Design Brief

Creating a document that shows how a website or application will work is a very clever idea. This template has everything you'll need to create an astonishing presentation, make sure everybody agrees on the project and looks more professional.

Web Design Brief Preview

  1. Brand Identity Manual

Brand identity is very important, it ensures that your message will be consistent and have the same look. This template is a nice start for building your brand identity manual, and it gives you a few examples of what the document should contain.

Brand Identity Manual Preview

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Where to find the best InDesign templates

Check the websites below for more InDesign templates:

  • Adobe Stock: It’s the official store from Adobe. It's where I go for my templates! The store is already integrated with InDesign, there are many choices, and the templates are not just beautiful, but also technically well built. The early plan costs 29€/month for 10 assets, then 2.99€ for each asset.
  • Envato Elements: It’s another place where you can find good ideas. Pricing start at $19/month (yearly subscription).
  • Envato Market: Offers great templates. Each template generally costs between $10 and $20.
  • StockLayouts: It offers a great number of templates. Even though there is a free section, I couldn’t find anything free. Templates start at $69.
  • Creative Market: At the time I am writing this post, it offers 1,150 templates. There are some nice projects that are worth checking, but make sure to check the comments because unfortunately some templates are not well built. Prices vary from $10 to $30.
  • Inkd:  Offers some interesting templates but they are generally more expensive than the places mentioned above.
  • Design Aglow: Presents a very nice collection for photographers. They have InDesign templates for marketing, branding, selling needs, contracts, etc. It’s worth having a look, especially because every template includes professionally written verbiage and no dummy text.
  • Dribbble: Also on Dribbble you can find amazing InDesign templates – some will be paid, but other will be free – and the quality is good!
  • BIT: It’s free, but you’ll have to dig up a lot before finding something worth downloading.
  • Behance: Well, I know I shouldn’t mention it here because you cannot find any InDesign template here, not for free, not for sale. But, Behance is a great place for finding inspiration and learning more so if you were looking for ideas, that is a place where you should go.

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Search for more templates (3.000+)

If you couldn't find a template that you liked, try using the form below to browse among 3.000+ high quality InDesign templates.

Create your own InDesign templates

A template is a document that when opened, it opens as a new untitled document. If you often reuse the same layout you should consider starting from a template.

Create your document directly in InDesign and then save it as “InDesign CC template” (InDesign will create an .indt file).

Save your documents as InDesign templates

Make sure your template is created using the best practices because some other designers in the future might need to use your InDesign template!

Two things I’d suggest you learn better before creating your own templates are master pages and how InDesign paragraph styles work.

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Templates are a great timesaver. You can use them as a base for your publication, or you can just gather a few ideas before starting with your own design.

Make sure to bookmark this post. Having a list of great InDesign templates,  like this one, will always help you with finding new ideas.

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