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DeepL translations now available on Redokun


Machine translation can incredibly reduce production time and costs.

If you have already tried Redokun's Pre-Translate feature with machine translation, or the machine translation suggestions in the Web Editor, you likely know how useful and powerful this tool has become over the last few years.

Today, we've added a new option with the goal of making Redokun's machine translations even better.

Machine translation: can it already replace your translators?

The short answer is, probably not. But it can positively impact your work.

With a recorded average accuracy of almost 80%, your translators will still need to proofread any automated translation, and a few alterations here and there might still be needed, but overall a machine translation is a great starting point.

Integrating machine translation in your process means:

  • Quick Translation
  • Cost-effective (MT costs only 0,2% compared to Human Translations)
  • More Volume (more content translated in a shorter period)
Machine translation

Redokun meets DeepL

With the most versatile language pairs and longest existence, Google Translate is the pioneer in the MT industry.

However, although DeepL has fewer language pairs, it has gained interest and fame for being the best performing engine for the western group of languages.

A combination of both translators offers versatility and accuracy and it's why both of them are part of Redokun's machine translation offer.

This way, your translator will find an already valid suggestion or a good starting point that will require only a few edits - mostly proofreading.

This will make the translation faster and will lower the cost of doing the translations.

How to use DeepL in Redokun

DeepL and Google Translate in Redokun can be found:

  1. in the Web Editor
  2. when launching the Pre-Translate feature

DeepL machine translation suggestions will be available in the Web Editor right under the translation box.

Your translator will only need to click on the suggestion to fill up the translation and eventually edit the translation to their preference.

Machine translation in Redokun

Pre-Translate your documents with DeepL suggestions

When launching the Pre-Translate feature you'll be able to select from which machine translation engine the translations should come from.

The Pre-Translate feature will:

  • automatically reuse the parts you've already translated in the past (using the same terminology); and
  • translate the remaining new sentences using either DeepL or Google Translate
Pre-translate in Redokun

By default, these automated translations will be marked as a draft and your team will only need to proofread the translated document.

DeepL in Redokun

Integrating in your workflow the machine translations from the two best performing MT engines in the market will help your team with producing your documents faster, meet deadlines more easily, and focus on other tasks or on a higher volume of documents.

At the same time, with a cost of only 0,2% compared to human translations, machine translation will help you reduce costs as your team will only need to focus on proofreading.

Machine translation suggestions from both DeepL and Google Translate are available as part of the Enterprise plan.

Upgrade to the Enterprise plan today or get in touch with us if you'd like to give it a try.

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