30 Sleek Newspaper Templates

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You may be wondering why we would make a list of 30 InDesign newspaper templates, in this day and age. It's true, we tend to consume media and information through our smartphones, laptops and tablets, after all, it's more convenient. However, there is nothing quite as irreplaceable as the traditional medium: newspapers.

Physically taking your time to sit down and read a printed newspaper, while maybe sipping hot coffee, is a joy like no other; one that could also have many benefits. The newspaper doesn't scream at you with ads or videos, it stands still, waiting to be read. As a result, you can fully understand and absorb what you read. Overtime, this means broadening your horizons, and improving your vocabulary, while, most importantly savoring a moment of peace in the morning without the frenzy of technology.

This, in short, is the reasoning behind our list of newspaper templates.  It is a versatile selection from which you can choose something that fits your needs and wishes. Specifically, we've chosen thirty newspaper templates divided into two sections all created with Adobe InDesign, the industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media.

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InDesign is the Only Way

Apologies in advance for having such a strong opinion but I couldn’t resist the urge to give my most professional and sustained explanation as to why InDesign is the only way to go.

In the process of creating the following list, I've noticed many results suggested the use of tools such as PPT, PDF, and Word, and I couldn’t disagree more!

First of all, think of the paradox of using a software named Microsoft Word when creating and editing both print and digital media. It is named "Word" for a reason - it's designed to create, edit, and save basic text documents.

What happens when you try to add some graphics to a .docx file and wrap text around it? Well, chaos is one way to describe it. The graphics are never where you placed them simply because Microsoft Word is a Word-processor and not a professional page layout program.

On top of all this, newspapers, in particular, always have more columns, another thing that Word doesn't know how to handle. The text is here and there, poorly aligned, and visually unappealing. This ends up “hurting” your eyes and upsetting your brain that's trying to “solve” the issue with it. If you want to read more, we suggest reading this still viable post which goes into detail.

By now, we are hoping you've come to your senses and hopped on the InDesign boat. It doesn’t take much to get a hold of this superior software, and thanks to a simple course (from this list) will get you to work in it in no more than 30 minutes. If you are eager to try it, there is a 7-day free trial of InDesign here.

Finally,  without further ado, here is our carefully selected list of 30 InDesign newspaper templates.

Vintage Newspaper Templates

  1. Classy Newspaper Template

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

A classic design paired with a timeless layout. Overall, it has a familiar and visually appealing look. This newspaper template will certainly withstand the test of time.

  1. Brochure Layout with Pale Blue and Grey Accents

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

Eight pages filled with various practical elements and soothing colors; all tied up with a very engaging layout. This template has it all.

  1. The Professional Newspaper

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

Not too modern nor unique, but rather classic and timeless. This newspaper template with five frontpage options and sixteen unique layouts is suitable for many different kinds of news and information.

  1. Black and White Newspaper Template

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

When in doubt, less is more! You can never go wrong with a more simple choice such as this template. The pages have a traditional and classic feel to them, while the color palette is monochrome.

  1. Black and Blue Combination

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

This template is exciting because of the interesting choice of colors. Unlike traditional black and white combinations, this newspaper template has refreshing shades of blue in it which add a dose of creativity.

  1. The Effortless Design

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

Minimalist and simple with an uncluttered design and layout. This InDesign newsletter template is the pinnacle of simplicity.

  1. Teal and White Newsletter or Magazine Layout

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

Choosing this newspaper template means choosing something flawless. The structure is engaging and the pages are visually appealing. To top it all off, you can use the beautiful teal accents to emphasize what matters most.

  1. Colorful Newspaper Template

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

This template has a professional and polished appearance. Surely, it is due to the flawless structure, practical layout, and the visually appealing front page. However, what makes this newspaper template stand out, is the engaging use of colors.

  1. Tabloid Layout

Vintage newspaper template

Grab your reader's attention with the help of this classic newspaper template. The pages are simple, the design is timeless, and the layout is easy to follow.

  1. Old Style Newspaper Template

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

Vintage newspaper template with old-school details, a basic color palette, and headlines written in bold typographic style. Need I say more?

  1. Simplicity over Everything

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

This newspaper template is impressive because of the stylish and rather graceful front page. It is minimalist with bold typography and a subtle color palette.

  1. The Sophisticated Newspaper Template


Newspaper template

Sometimes sticking with something simple can go a long way in achieving the best results. This newspaper template is the perfect example of that. The pages have a basic layout, clear headlines, and a perfect structure.

  1. The Organized Layout

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

Coherent and uncomplicated with an easy-to-understand layout. This multipurpose template is perfect for anyone.

  1. The Elegant A3 Newspaper Template

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

Less is more, and this vintage newspaper template is all about that! The layout is black and white, with bold typography, and a creative structure.

  1. All of the Blue Details

Vintage Newspaper Template preview

This newspaper template has a refined and professional appearance, countless shades of blue details, and a visually appealing overall design. Everything you could wish for in an InDesign newspaper template.

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Creative Newspaper Templates

  1. Outdoor and Travel Magazine Layout

Newspaper Template Preview

Rich in picture placeholders, this template is stunning. Similarly, the multiple-column pages, and the simple typographic style, make it truly timeless. This newspaper is intended for travel periodicals, but perfect for anyone that wants to wow their readers.

  1. The Vivid Green Accents

Newspaper Template Preview

Refreshing and natural, innovative and easy to understand. This eight-page template is perfect if you need a simple design. Reach out to your readers and grab their attention with the help of this flawless newspaper.

  1. Magazine Layout with Orange Accents

Newspaper Template Preview

Exquisite and chic, yet  minimalist and timeless. This newspaper template, with its extraordinary design and structure, will definitely impress all of your readers.

  1. Pink Gradient Catalog Layout

Newspaper Template Preview

Seeking something striking? If so, this template with pink gradient elements is the perfect choice. Twenty-four pages total, with bright pink elements and stunning layout. What are you waiting for?

  1. Minimal Newspaper Layout with Yellow Accents

Newspaper Template Preview

The vivid yellow accents of this template make it unique. In contrast, the classic layout balances out the overall design. The result is contemporary yet simple.

  1. Newsletter with Teal Accents

Newspaper Template Preview

The uniqueness of this newspaper template lies within the interesting teal accents seen throughout its sixteen pages. The multi-column pages, and the picture placement, create perfect structure.

  1. Newsletter Layout with Green Accents

Newspaper Template Preview

This newspaper has eight pages total with versatile and user-friendly layouts. In addition, the creative typography and refreshing color palette make the template really stand out.

  1. Contemporary Newspaper Template

Newspaper Template Preview

This template is innovative and attractive. The layout is original thanks to: multiple photo placeholders, creative typographic style, and bold organization of the pages.

  1. Multipurpose Creative Template

Newspaper Template Preview

Twelve multipurpose pages that can be used for any type of newspaper. The front page is quite creative and filled with interesting versatile elements that will impress every single one of your reader.

  1. The Bold Layout

Newspaper Template Preview

The uniqueness of this InDesign newspaper template lies not only within the compelling front page but also within the creative layout seen all throughout the fifteen pages.

  1. Fashion Newspaper

Newspaper Template Preview

Exciting and innovative, colorful and creative. This, unlike many other newspaper templates, that have the vintage feel, radiates with fresh and vibrant energy.

  1. Bold Newspaper Template

Creative newspaper template

Make quite a statement with this classic yet bold newspaper template. This interesting layout is all about the innovative green layout and the familiar overall design.

  1. The Unique Newspaper Template

Newspaper Template Preview

Choosing this newspaper template means choosing something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Everything, from the color palette to the layout, screams "bold".

  1. Newspaper with Red Details

Newspaper Template Preview

The creativity of this newspaper template lies within the bold red details seen on all twelve pages. Be daring, be red.

  1. Lifestyle Newspaper

Newspaper Template Preview

This newspaper template is composed of forty-eight pages, perfect for a commercial use. It has a simple structure and design that allows you to strategically draw attention to certain stories. What are you waiting for?

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Choose one of our newspaper templates and you are choosing to indulge in a great activity while resisting the digitization and replacement of this traditional medium.

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Stefano Bernardi

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