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Retain document styles and say no more to copy-paste.

Upload InDesign, PowerPoint, or other file types and invite your team to translate the text. Once they are done, download the translated document with the same layout and styles.

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Enable a hybrid workflow.

Translate with your team

Communicate with your coworkers remotely about project updates and document changes

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Translate with vendors

Invite translators and vendors outside of your organization to collaborate on projects within the platform.

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Ensure everyone is always on the same page.

Deal with last minute changes quickly

Just apply the changes to your document in the source language and they will automatically be imported for all target languages.

Notify your translators of document changes

Your translators won’t lose any progress even if a document is updated during translation. They would only need to translate the new text.

Simplify and speed up the process.

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Easy to use

No installation or lengthy training necessary. Just sign in and discover your new favorite workspace.

Automated notifications

Every important update is automatically delivered to your collaborator’s inbox.

No more manual file sharing

Everything is on the cloud. Now you don’t have to attach and send your PDFs and documents via email. Just send an invite to your collaborator.

Faster translations

Help your translators deliver better, faster work with built-in machine translation and translation memories.

Machine translation
Translation memory
Translation progress tracker

Track the progress of all translations and download completed documents with just one click.

With our old manual system, the only way we could have an increased workload would have been to employ more people.”
Allen Venables
Head of Studio, EC English Language Schools
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