Redokun for Designers

Stop copy-paste

Extract the text and re-import it back once it's translated in seconds, not hours

Easy to use

You can start using Redokun right away. Just upload your file and let Redokun do the rest. No need for courses or training

Fast to integrate

Redokun immediately integrates into your workflow. Use it with in-house translators or with your usual translation vendors

Main benefits

  • Benefit Saves hours of copying and pasting text
  • Benefit Integrates into your existing workflow
  • Benefit Allows translators to work alongside designers
  • Benefit Make last minute changes easily

Intelligent Text Substitution – Automate copy-paste

Just upload your InDesign file – Redokun takes care of the rest

Just a few steps:
  1. Upload the file in IDML.
  2. Redokun automatically extracts all the sentences.
  3. Export an exchange file.
  4. Ask the translator to translate the exchange file.
  5. Import the translated exchange file into Redokun.
  6. Download an IDML file with the same layout and styles of the original one, but in the language of translation.

Extract the sentences in seconds

Make it simple and quick – Talk the same language as your translator

Export text from InDesign

Translate in Microsoft Excel

This workflow is perfect with non-professional translators. Extract the sentences in an Excel file and ask the translator to fill the translation column.

Use XLIFF with translators

XLIFF is an open standard used by all professional translators. Extract the sentences in a XLIFF file and send it to the translator. The use of XLIFF makes it easier for the translator to work on your InDesign file translation while you keep the control of the translation workflow.

Upload the translations and download the InDesign file

Control the translations’ import – Download a file with the same styles and layout

Review before importing the translated text

Keep under control what happens as if you were copying and pasting the sentences yourself. Check the import. Make sure that everything is fine before creating the file.

Download the file

Generate the file. Redokun replaces the text in the original file with the translation, and lets you download an IDML file with the same styles and layout of the original one.
Import transated text to InDesign

Make last-minute changes easily

Apply changes to all the translated files in seconds without any manual work

Last minute updates
When your client asks for last minute changes that you don’t have the time to apply to all the different languages.
Frequent Design changes
While the document is in translation your client might ask for design changes to the layout.
New language added
When your client suddenly adds one or several new translation languages to the project.

Need to make changes?
Update only the source file

Apply changes in Adobe InDesign only to the document in the base language. Then upload it to Redokun to update graphic or content changes to all the target languages.

Automate the update of the translated files

When you upload the updated file any translation completed is imported automatically for each language. New or updated texts are shown as to be translated.

Pricing for Designers

Trial plan includes 50 generated pages. Start your free 14-day trial now!

Exported Pages Cost Cost Per Page
100 Pages 120 € 1.20€
250 Pages 200 € 0.80€
500 Pages 300 € 0.60€
750 Pages 400 € 0.53€
1000 Pages 500 € 0.50€
All prices exclude local VAT where applicable.
All paid plans come with a 14 day free trial, no credit card required. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.

Need a custom plan? Get in touch!

Have you got special requirements on the number of pages, translators, supported languages or features? Do you need unlimited pages? Contact us! Our sales team is always available to meet your needs.
Or give us a call +39 0423 1780033
Can I run a test before buying?

Of course. Our free trial allows you to try Redokun for 14 days and 50 pages. Also, our team will always be available to provide a personalized demo based on your needs and to help you get the most out of Redokun.

When do pages get deducted from my page availability?

The page count is only totalled up when you first export a document in each language. Let’s say the document you need to translate is 10 pages in total. Only 10 pages will be deducted from your page count limit, regardless of how many times you generate different drafts of the document during the translation process. In other words, the number of pages deducted at the end is not dependant on the number of times you choose to generate the document.

Can I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade to a plan with more languages or pages at any time during your subscription period. The plan length will not be extended. Unused pages expire at the end of the subscription period.

How are page deductions counted?

Pricing is based on the number of pages exported. For instance, a 10-page document translated in 3 languages would count as 30 pages in total. A document uploaded as a revision will be considered a new document and accounted in the same way.

What kind of support do you offer?

We are always available for support from Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM – 8 PM (CET) via email, telephone or web chat. We can also be available outside regular office hours on request.

Translate Adobe InDesign Files Online (Web Editor)

You can also translate online

Invite the translators to work directly on Redokun

Once you've logged into Redokun and uploaded your file you can use the Web Editor yourself or invite a translator to start translating.
We built it easy to use so you don’t need a course to master it.

Get your multilingual projects done faster with Redokun. Free for 14 days.