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FranklinCovey Case Study Redokun

About FranklinCovey

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, FranklinCovey provides world-class training solutions for individuals and organizations in more than 160 countries.

Ever read the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? If so, you will be familiar with the author, Stephen Covey, one of FranklinCovey’s co-founders who established the company in 1997.

25 years later, FranklinCovey continues to develop interactive courses based on the book and other time-tested systems to improve organizational performance. The company has become a trusted partner for clients around the world who want to upskill their workforce to achieve tangible business results.

And as we all know, localization is often the key to success if you want to drive such results for clients in foreign markets. Naturally, that’s also the case for FranklinCovey it scales globally.

franklincovey company stats

Striving for excellent localized learning solutions.

With a commitment to enabling greatness, FranklinCovey seeks to reflect that greatness in all that they do. That mindset extends to their courses, which they translate into more than 20 languages.

“We had to put a lot of effort into the interactive courses that we have. Excellence was a must.

For a company that teaches efficiency to others, that also meant their localization processes needed to be up to par.

And it goes without saying that spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on software that clutters up your workflow and fails to live up to your needs is not an efficient approach.

Luckily, that all changed when the team at FranklinCovey found Redokun.

We spoke with Danilo Mantilla, International Project Coordinator at FranklinCovey, to hear how Redokun supported his team in their journey to simplify their translation workflow for enhanced productivity.


Complicated software, delays, and high expenses with little to show for it.

franklincovey localization problems

The team members at FranklinCovey were already familiar with translation management systems, but the tool they used before Redokun left much to be desired.

For one, it didn’t support XLIFF, the main file format they used for their interactive courses.

Danilo tells us that he would often spend 10-15 minutes just to figure out what to do when uploading the source file to the system. It was an exhausting process that involved a lot of opening project folders and documents, uploading captions, and matching multiple files together.

“It was so long I don't even remember. I don't even want to put my brain to remember that. But it would take me sometimes 10, 15 minutes just to figure out.

Then, when he had issues with certain steps of the process, customer support was slow and impersonal. When they did respond, they failed to give him the answers he needed.

“It’s like we would contact support and we would get an answer within a week. And the answer is not what we need and it's only via email.”

That would add another week of just waiting back from support to hear the right answer. In total, two weeks of stressing out just for a simple answer—with all their translation tasks piling up.

Danilo tells us that while the previous software offered many features, not all of them were useful. In fact, it only made the interface cluttered and the tool difficult to figure out, making the price tag hard to justify.

“It was like 30-something thousand dollars a year for something that has all of the features that we don't really need.”

The price was even heftier when considered in terms of the lengthy onboarding time needed to get all their team members up to speed on how to use the tool.

Time spent on tool training can be worth it if using the tool brings you results. But, when you have a lot of things on your to-do list and no time to teach team members all over the world what buttons to push, it is better to find a solution that doesn’t take you ages to learn.

So, when the tool also failed to get them results, it was clear to Danilo that they needed to search for an alternative software better suited to their needs.

That search led them to Redokun.


Weeks saved, responsive support, and a winning user experience.

franklincovey after using Redokun

After reviewing different translation software, Danilo and his team were convinced by Redokun’s user experience. Redokun gave them most of the features they needed without any of the clutter they saw in other tools. Of course, the support for XLIFF files was another winning point.

Danilo tells us that, in the end, “the potential of adding specific features in the future was more worth it than having to deal with a terrible interface.”

“Your UX is outstanding. Nobody had the type of user experience that you guys have. It's just like you guys removed so much of the clutter. There are these thousand features, and sometimes simpler is better.”

Since Redokun was so easy to use from the beginning, it didn’t take much for Danilo and his team to learn how to work with the solution. When assigning tasks, a few clicks was all it took to upload files, invite linguists, and get them to start translating right away.

“In Redokun, you go in, you click on it and then you're already there. So that's what I like the most about it.”

The speed at which they were able to incorporate the solution into their workflow meant it didn’t take long for them to see results. As the team could work more efficiently than they ever did in the past, it saved the company time and money.

Not just in the costs spent on the tool, but also opportunity costs, as the team could now get ahead on project timelines and deadlines. After they started to use Redokun, they could complete the tasks that used to take several weeks in just a few days.

“It changed our processes too fast, like, far more efficient than before. So we're not only saving money, we're also saving timelines. And what used to take us three weeks now it takes us a week or a few days.”

Another factor was the responsiveness of customer support. Despite the small size of the Redokun team, Danilo and his co-workers were impressed by the quick responses and the frequent updates they would get if any issues occurred.

Even if some things couldn’t get resolved right away, they were reassured that the Redokun team was on top of it.

“I remember a few times where you said, ‘Let me check on this, I'm on top of it.’ That responsiveness is probably what has given us the peace of mind that if there's a problem, you guys will get it solved.”

If user-friendliness and the simplicity of the tool are what initially got them on board, the improved translation productivity and attentiveness of support got them to stay.

Because not only did the team at FranklinCovey save thousands of dollars and weeks in timelines—they also experienced what it’s like to have their opinions heard, instead of being just another email in an inbox.

“I feel like you guys being so attentive to everything that we struggle with, that's like a 10. We know that we are heard and that's what we love the most.”

If you want to see how Redokun can help your team transform your productivity with a simple translation process, get a free demo now!

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