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Redokun: Best DeepL Alternative for Busy Marketing Teams (2024)

best alternative to deep translator

Have you been considering or using DeepL Translator, but still need a little something more to help you finish your translation projects faster? Redokun is the best DeepL alternative that gives you greater control over your translation workflow for different types of documents. And it’s incredibly easy to use.

The main difference between DeepL and Redokun is the addition of the following capabilities: You can manage your projects, collaborate with your teams, and store all your translation assets under one roof so you can instantly reuse them.

With these additions, you’ll never have to wonder why your translation tasks often take so much time to complete. And you’d be able to say, “We can have this document translated by today.”

How does Redokun work?

Redokun works in a browser. You’ll have one space to manage and translate your documents with your team. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload your document to Redokun. You can directly upload your InDesign, PowerPoint, Excel, XLIFF, JSON, HTML documents, etc. No need to manually extract the text for your translators.
  2. Your team translates the content on Redokun. Using the online translation interface, they will have instant access to machine translation suggestions from DeepL, Google Translate, as well as your previously approved translations.
  3. You download the translated document from Redokun. It will have the same file format, design, and layout as your original, which you can publish after a quick check. No need to copy-paste your translations back into the initial document for each target language.

Love the suggestions you get from DeepL translator? DeepL machine translation is available on Redokun too! You can get instant translation suggestions from DeepL while working in Redokun. And now you’ll also have tools to help you keep better track of your projects.

Like many existing DeepL users, you can adopt Redokun to:

  • Speed up your translation workflow by up to 60% even if you deal with 5, 10, or 20 target languages. Use Redokun to streamline and implement each step of the project in a shared online space.
  • Translate your content with greater consistency and accuracy with half the effort it takes now. Your translations will always use the correct terminologies for your industry or niche, even when you outsource your translations. Use Redokun to start building your private translation database and glossary that provide accurate suggestions while you’re translating.
  • Save up to 90% in translation costs. This includes the money you spend on translations and the effort you spend on the processes. Use Redokun to automate repetitive translation, administrative, and design tasks so you can focus on activities that actually generate revenue (e.g. marketing).
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time within the document itself. Your team can exchange feedback directly on the document they’ve been assigned to. It’s easy to loop someone in whenever their input is needed. Use Redokun’s online translation interface like Google Docs.
Try Redokun free for 14 days!

DeepL vs Redokun: Comparison Table

Features DeepL Pro Redokun
Project management dashboard
Track translation progress
Number of supported file formats 4 11
Preserve document layout and design
Integrated with both DeepL and Google Translate
Number of supported languages 26 87 (including all languages supported by DeepL)
Provide additional translation suggestions via Google Translate
Real-time collaboration (leave comments, tag people, etc.)
Translate your documents with external vendors
Private Translation Memory (so you can reuse translations)
Secure cloud storage
Try Redokun free for 14 days! No credit card needed.

Why translate your documents with Redokun?

  1. Speed up your tasks with an incredibly simple tool that everyone can use. Busy marketing teams use Redokun to deliver multilingual content quickly from brochures to social media content.
  2. Start translating more consistently with Translation Memories. You can build a private translation database of all your approved work. The more you translate on Redokun today, the more you can translate automatically with 100% accuracy tomorrow.
  3. Collaborate with your in-house team, partners, or translation vendors. You can invite them to translate on Redokun and they’ll also have access to the resources they need to translate quickly and accurately.
  4. Automatically preserve the design and layout of your documents so you don’t have to spend time reproducing the translated document. Redokun supports more types of file formats than DeepL Pro, including InDesign, PowerPoint, XLIFF, Word, JSON, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is DeepL the most accurate translator? DeepL is considered to be slightly more accurate than Google Translate for certain language pairs. However, Google Translate wins in terms of their number of supported languages. Overall, you can use DeepL for the language pairs they are strong in, and you can choose Google Translate when you need language variety. Redokun integrates with DeepL and Google Translate so you can enjoy the best of both.
  2. Is DeepL still free? The free version of DeepL sets a limit to how many characters you can translate per month. DeepL Pro is a paid service that’s more suitable for business use. It comes with better data security, priority access, and the ability to upload documents for translation.
  3. Where do I download Redokun? You can use Redokun in your browser by creating a free account here. No software installation is required.


The best alternative to DeepL combines the power of DeepL machine translation with an effective system for project management and collaboration. And it’s also incredibly easy to start using Redokun with your team. Try Redokun for free today. No credit card needed.

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