Translation Management System and the benefits for global companies

by Paolo Agostinetto 3 minutes to read

Translation management is a key part of the marketing process for every global company. As an enterprise expands abroad, it suddenly becomes crucial to localize the marketing collateral and other company contents for the target market.

Many companies leverage their distributors, partners or their sales reps distributed around the world to help with localizing their documents (e.g., brochures, catalogs, user manuals, etc.—usually documents produced with InDesign).

Employees and foreign partners can become “unofficial” translators, sometimes being asked to work on projects alongside professional translators, such as freelancers or translation vendors. It’s not uncommon at all to see companies having both internal and external translators, and so have a mixed workflow where lacking internal resources can be compensated with external help.

Collaborating with a mix of internal and external teams can become challenging especially with big projects with a lot of documents and languages. Frequently, it becomes hard to scale when having more documents, more languages, and more translators.

Keeping an eye on the translation status and making everything go smoothly to meet the deadline is not an easy task, but there are tools that can help with that: Translation Management Systems (TMS).

How can translation management systems help with these problems?

  • Allow teams to collaborate and communicate efficiently
  • Avoid content duplication to keep consistency
  • Store and leverage Translation Memory and save cost

Our TMS allows people in charge of the production of marketing collateral to excel at what they do best.

Redokun provides tools to manage, monitor, and coordinate teams of translators who can work directly inside the platform, using the built-in translation tools.

Since non-professional translators are usually not familiar with advanced translation tools, Redokun’s integrated translation tool was built from the ground up to make the translation process easier. Therefore, making the integration effortless for users without the need for any formal training.

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Paolo Agostinetto
Paolo Agostinetto

Project Manager & Co-Founder at Redokun

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