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Frequently asked questions

Why should you read this?

Producing the translated versions of your documents often requires lots of manual interventions.

And since the graphical output is fundamental, the InDesign user is often the last person who has to make adjustments to the document.


  • Understanding better the process,
  • And creating the base-language document following some basic rules,

You’ll be able to:

  1. Drastically reduce the amount of fixes required for each document in each language;
  2. Avoid mistakes;
  3. Help the translator (they will make fewer mistakes and translate faster);
  4. Create better assets during the translation (in the long run, this will reduce costs and improve the quality of all your documents – more about this later).

By fixing the document in the base language, you won’t need to fix all the translated documents. Let’s say you are translating the document into 4 languages, it’s already an 80% improvement!

What’s waiting for you at the end?

After reading this document:

  • You’ll know how to use InDesign better.
  • You’ll work faster in InDesign.
  • Translating your documents will cost less.
  • Producing your documents will take less time.
  • You’ll be ready to take full advantage of automation.
  • You’ll be able to create a better workflow.
  • If you are already a Redokun user, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all its features (most importantly you’ll have better suggestions, and better experience with the Pre-Translate and the Revision features).
What’s in here?

Whether you already are a Redokun user, or you are considering the software, or you have never heard of us, an important thing to understand is that an efficient process starts from InDesign.

In this document I’ll help you:

  • Understand what mistakes you might be doing in InDesign;
  • Teach you how to fix your document;
  • Help you understand what happens during the translation;
  • Show you what can be improved.
Who’s the author?

My name is Stefano Bernardi, I have co-founded Redokun in 2015, and I spend most of my time helping customers to optimize their InDesign workflow.

From time to time I write for InDesignSecrets and InDesign Magazine. I also curate our company blog which helps 100.000 people each month with their InDesign issues.

Things to know before you start reading

I’ll stress on each page how Paragraph and Character Styles are fundamental!

If you don’t know how Paragraph Styles work, you’ll find some instructions inside this document, but there are also a few more resources that you might want to look into:

To improve your knowledge of InDesign (and learn about Paragraph Styles), you might also want to check:

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