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60 Best InDesign Portfolio Templates (2024)

InDesign Portfolio Templates List

Build your portfolio quickly and easily - just like building a moodboard! Here are 60 InDesign portfolio templates that made our favourites list in 2022.

For the architects out there, we have another article dedicated to architecture portfolio templates (featuring 60 downloadable templates). Furthermore, if you are looking to match your portfolio with a fresh resume, you can check out our list of the best InDesign resume templates.

No time to scroll? Use this search bar to find the styles you prefer:

Without further ado, let's check out this list of InDesign portfolio templates!

Portfolio Templates for Designers/Creatives

1. Minimalist Portfolio Brochure Layout with Bold Typography

Minimalist Portfolio Brochure Layout with Bold Typography

Fall in love with the refined and stylish look of this template. The pages are quite elegant and minimalist while the overall design is easy to follow. Choosing this template means making a statement in the professional world.

2. The Dominance of the Yellow Accents

The Dominance of the Yellow Accents

Elegant and simple, this template is quite traditional. However, the stunning color palette gives it an innovative twist. In addition, the versatile structure allows you to showcase your work in the best possible way.

3. Dark Grey and White Landscape Portfolio

Dark Grey and White Landscape Portfolio

Tell your professional story with the help of this elegant and timeless portfolio.The monochromatic color palette is stunning. Similarly, the structure is practical and versatile.

4. Rich Regular

Rich Regular

Strike the best impression through an elegant ensemble of your works. This protfolio template features bold serif titles on classy pages with undertones of gray, brown, and black. Feel free to personalize it by adjusting the text styles, accent colors, and add your images!

5. Portfolio Layout with Yellow Accents

Portfolio Layout with Yellow Accents

Express yourself with the help of this creative graphic design portfolio with yellow accents. Its flawless structure with yellow elements is impressive and effective.

6. Blue Flips

Blue Flips

Go one step further by putting your works together in a refreshing portfolio. The light blue accents in this template will make every flip visually engaging and improve the legibility of your titles and descriptions. Just add your texts and images, then get to printing!

7. All the Pink and Blue Pastel Details

All the Pink and Blue Pastel Details

Seeking something more delicate? If so, choose this InDesign Portfolio Template with a graceful and feminine design, subtle color palette, and versatile pages.

8. The Gray Grid

The Gray Grid

Work your way to your vision with a stunning, minimalist portrait portfolio. Using this template, you can showcase your best works on plain pages of white and gray with simple grids and collages. Plus, you can edit the text styles and adjust the elements to reflect your brand or theme!

9. Minimalist Portfolio Layout

Minimalist Portfolio Layout

In some cases, less is more. Leave behind the bright colors and complicated elements of other designs. This template is just as striking with its simple, uncluttered structure.

10. Upbeat Booklet

Upbeat Booklet

Design and impress everyone by compiling your works in one bright portfolio with an upbeat accent of blue. This booklet-style portrait template has ideal bold text styles and neatly laid out image placements that improves the appeal each page. Edit, print, and flip through your best outputs!

11. Portfolio Layout Design with Red Accents

Portfolio Layout Design with Red Accents

A white background combined with red details, a side element and an innovative structure: all the makings of a unique portfolio! This template is suitable for any creative person trying to showcase their work in a memorable way.

12. Yellow Hero

Yellow Hero

Serve your best works to the crowd on a modern portfolio, stylized with yellow and gray fills. Use this portrait template to feature your images in simplistic placements and draw attention to your titles and descriptions at the same time!

13. Portfolio Brochure Layout with a Retro Vibe

Portfolio Brochure Layout with a Retro Vibe

Choosing this template means choosing something which will with stand the test of time. The white classic background combined with the stunning picture placement, give this portfolio a classic and timeless look.

14. Earth Descent

Earth Descent

Look beyond and reach further in your career with a smartly collated display of your best works. This portrait template is exactly that! With its earthy accents and neat image placements, this portfolio is sure to take you places.

15. The Multi-Page Simple Portfolio Layout

The Multi-Page Simple Portfolio Layout

Capture your true professional essence with the help of this simple portfolio. The overall design is clear, organized, and elegant, while the color palette is subtle yet striking.

16. Dark Inspiration

Dark Inspiration

Step into the spotlight and inspire others with your art through a modern portfolio. Here's a square lookbook template to vivify your works in brave black and white pages with beige accents. All that you have to do is insert your images and texts!

17. Landscape Portfolio Layout with Pink and Blue Accents

Landscape Portfolio Layout with Pink and Blue Accents

Create a flawless portfolio and showcase your experience with the help of this amazing template. The structure is easy to read and follow, the pages differ in layout, and the pink and blue accents are unique. In other words, it's timeless and effortless.

18. Golden Tint

Golden Tint

Realize your visions in a classic portfolio with tints of gold. In this portrait template, each page gives photographs the best light with elegant text styles and clean image layouts. Use it to easily beautify your works, and simply print it!

19. Portfolio Layout with Grey Accents

Portfolio Layout with Grey Accents

Timeless and classic, choosing this marketing portfolio template means making a safe choice. The layout allows you to showcase and promote your work in a simple yet striking way.

20. Light Win

Light Win

Make your way to the top with a modern, foursquare portfolio. This portrait template will help you get your vision accross through classic text styles and light tones of green, blue, and yellow. Make your images pop and easily print!

Photography Portfolio Templates

21. The Creative Grey Elements

The Creative Grey Elements

This template will impress you with its simplicity, stylish design, and contemporary appearance. It is a must-have for every modern and professional individual.

22. Sketch Stunner

Sketch Stunner

Strut in style and stun with your best works in a minimalist design portfolio. The pastels and frames in this landscape template will allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing collection of your sketches or any type of craft. You can also play with the colors and character styles the way you want!

23. Landscape Portfolio with Square Elements

Landscape Portfolio with Square Elements

This template has many unique characteristics. For instance: an artistic typography, creative square elements, and a stunning color palette. In other words, this art portfolio template is beautiful and original.

24. Pinned Press

Pinned Press

Publicize your artistry through minimalist yet colorful portrait portfolio. Here's a template with smartly limited text spaces and plenty of placements for images, allowing you to pin the focus on your works. Just edit with your own contents and get it out to the press!

25. Purple Presentation Layout

Purple Presentation Layout

Vivid and eye-catching, simple and well-organized. Choose this InDesign Portfolio Template and you are choosing a casual yet striking design with an easy-to-understand structure.

26. Crisp Fills

Crisp Fills

Feel confident flaunting your projects in a modern and straight-to-the-point portfolio. Use this magazine-style template with black fills and crisp orange accents to bring out the best in your designs and ideas. Go straight to printing after adding in your texts and images!

27. Creative Portfolio Layout with Peach Gradient Accents

Creative Portfolio Layout with Peach Gradient Accents

The beauty of this template is its color palette. The striking and vivid peach gradient accents will bring your portfolio to life and get your professional message across in a serious yet innovative way.

28. Pastel Places

Pastel Places

Pick out your top designs and go places by featuring them in a dainty, modern portfolio. This brochure-like portrait template has three pastel variations you can choose from, as well as large image holders to help you convey your ideas!

29. Portfolio Brochure Layout with Orange Accents

Portfolio Brochure Layout with Orange Accents

Perfectly balanced black and white pages, creative elements, and enough paragraphs to tell your story. This template has it all!

30. Into Black

Into Black

Allure your readers with your strengths and ideas through an aesthetic, minimalist portfolio. The pitch-black fills and accents in this immaculate portrait template will take your projects to success. Edit it with your texts and images in just a few clicks!

31. Polished Look Over Everything

Polished Look Over Everything

Landscape orientation, a great layout and lots of space for descriptive text. Showcase your values, goals, and experiences in the best way possible.

32. White Limelight

White Limelight

Walk straight to the limelight by laying down your ideas in a minimalist portfolio. On spotless white pages, your images and texts will surely grab your readers attention in this portrait template. Simply add your contents and print your cleanest ensemble yet!

33. Black and White Photobook Layout

Black and White Photobook Layout

Keep the reader engaged with this timeless black and white art portfolio. The monochromatic color palette combined with the overall structure and design make this template hard to resist.

34. Steady Dreamer

Steady Dreamer

Introduce yourself and your craft using an engaging modern portfolio. This brochure template has dreamy bright tones of yellow and orange that will make flipping through your designs a steady effort. Download it and have fun adjusting the elements to your taste.

35. Landscape Layout with Bright Colors

Landscape Layout with Bright Colors

Are you fond of warm and bright colors? If so, this template is the one for you. It is a graphic design portfolio template and it's great for any creative professional who wants to make a statement.

36. Nature Captive

Nature Captive

Captivate your readers with a portfolio where simple and modern styles meet. The light gray background on every page puts texts and images under the best light in this portrait template. Use it to feature your best shots, designs, ideas, and more.

37. Square Graphic Design Portfolio Layout

Square Graphic Design Portfolio Layout

The main strength of this graphic design portfolio template is its organization. The sections are well separated, the large numbers are helpful, and the bold typography enhances the efficient structure.

38. Lucid Valor

Lucid Valor

Print your ideas with valor using this brightly accentuated template. With its lucid pages, this simple portfolio will allow you to feature your innovation through neat images and descriptions. Download and edit it effortlessly!

39. Photo Album Layout with Orange Accents

Photo Album Layout with Orange Accents

This template stands out from the crowd with is creative structure and stunning color palette. The framed elements combined with the bold typography allow you to put the accent on your work.

40. The Soft Explicator

The Soft Explicator

Project your expertise through an explicative minimalist portfolio with accents of soft pink and blue. Use this template to convey your story and ideas with bold titles and ample space for descriptions, along with smartly placed images. Get to editing and printing in just a short while!

Portfolio Templates for Agencies

41. Portfolio Layout with Pink Accents

Portfolio Layout with Pink Accents

Soft colors, well-organized structure, and appealing design. Capture the reader's attention with this delicate portfolio which allows you to carefully showcase your work.

42. Layman Catalog

Layman Catalog

Preview your skills and potential in a minimalist catalog-style portfolio. This template utilizes a foursqaure character styles and image placements, resulting in a presentation that's easy to follow. Easily personalize it by inserting your texts and images to the editable spaces.

43. Portfolio Layout with Red and Grey Accents

Portfolio Layout with Red and Grey Accents

Choose the right way to tell your story thanks to this versatile template. In addition, the color palette is innovative and subtle, with popping red details. Moreover, the typography is bold and easy to read. Therefore, it's the perfect portfolio for you.

44. Bouquet Smith

Bouquet Smith

Spruce up your collection of photographs or designs in a portfolio that's majorly white with accents of bouquet pink. With capped titles, italics, serifs, and more, this neat portrait template has character styles that you can play with to best compliment your motif.

45. Bold Photography Layout

Bold Photography Layout

Choosing this template to tell your professional story means making a safe choice. The layout is simple, the pages are efficiently structured and, above all, the design is flawless.

46. Urban Motion

Urban Motion

Actuate your ideas into motion through a stylish yet comprehensive portfolio. You can use this portrait template to feature your best photographs on light blue, pink, and white pages with classy titles and legible descriptions. Just insert your texts and images!

47. The Blue Details

The Blue Details

White background in combination with blue details to add a splash of color. This template is traditional yet creative and unique.

48. Hue Wanderer

Hue Wanderer

Allow your readers to wander with you through your stellar photographs and ideas in a simple portfolio. This template places the focus on images with wide and varying layout on white pages, accentuated with different hues. Edit and print it in as easy as 1, 2, 3!

49. Creative Portfolio Layout with Red Accents

Creative Portfolio Layout with Red Accents

Bold and dominant, creative and fun. This template truly has a stunning layout, however, its strength is the great color palette.

50. The Progress

The Progress

Unveil your skills and progress through a brochure of your best works. Use this portfolio template to flaunt your stuff with a slideshow-style layout and serifs that you can freely edit with your own images and texts. Get the printer going after just a few clicks!

51. Tabloid Lookbook

Tabloid Lookbook

Easy to customize, and suitable for both agencies and individuals, this template is striking. Specifically, its minimalist design makes it stand out, while the overall look and feel is elegant and timeless.

52. The Modern Photo Album Layout

The Modern Photo Album Layout

Captivating and unique, with great picture placement, and tiny paragraphs to describe anything you want. This template is visually stunning and incredibly elegant.

53. The Classic Portfolio/Magazine Layout

The Classic Portfolio/Magazine Layout

This template has a classic and timeless look. Though it may not be as colorful or as versatile as other, it is memorable nonetheless. Its attractive and polished design speaks for itself.

54. The Landscape Oriented Perfection

The Landscape Oriented Perfection

This landscape oriented portfolio is perfect for any agency who wants to make a statement. It is impressively design. In particular, the attention to details is amazing. In other words, this template allows you to showcase your work in a great and memorable way.

55. Photo Album Layout with Yellow Accents

Photo Album Layout with Yellow Accents

Soft yellow hues make this portfolio template interesting, creative, and unique. Unlike most templates, this one has a lot of space reserved for descriptive text. If you need to showcase your work and experience textually, this is the portfolio for you!

56. Portfolio Layout with Yellow Accents

Portfolio Layout with Yellow Accents

Are you seeking something bold? Something that will show you are fearless? If so, this template is for you. The yellow accents will wow your reader, while the flawless structure will perfectly frame your work.

57. The Elegant Layout

The Elegant Layout

A tasteful color palette, a creative layout, and an uncluttered design. This portfolio is everything you could ever dream of. Therefore, stop dreaming and grab this opportunity to make your work shine!

58. All of the Blue Elements

All of the Blue Elements

Refreshing, bright, and interesting! Showcasing your work has never been easier. Choose this graphic design portfolio template and look no further.

59. The Explosion of Colors

The Explosion of Colors

Exciting patterns and vivid colors, as well as a great layout. As a result, this template is captivating and suitable for any professional that wants to make a statement.

60. Portfolio Layout with Red Accents

Portfolio Layout with Red Accents

Seeking something bold and unique? If so, look no further. The key component of this marketing portfolio is the color palette: black and red. Indeed, there is no better combination. To top it all off, the stunning layout ties the whole design together.

Find Other Portfolio Templates

We carefully selected all the templates on this list. If you didn't find a template you like, try using the form below to search among 28.000+ high-quality InDesign templates for your perfect fit.


Here you are, at the end of our top 60 list! (Thanks for reading, by the way.)

We are crossing our fingers that you’ve found something that fits your design needs. Now go wow the world with your portfolio.

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