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How to Translate Your PowerPoint File into Different Languages Quickly

how to use powerpoint translator for business

You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the layout of your PowerPoint presentation. When it comes to translating it, the last thing you want to do is spend more time redoing the formatting in different languages.

It’s tedious to translate your presentations slide by slide, box by box, especially if you have big batches of files to go through. Sure, each slide is important - but so is your time.

What takes up the most time in your workflow?

  • Manually selecting and extracting the text from your slides for translation. Copy-paste is not really a shortcut when you have hundreds of slides to go through.
  • Manually reproducing translated PowerPoint files yourself by using a template. After translating the text, you have to insert the translations into the original PowerPoint template yourself. It’s a hassle if you have multiple target languages or a heavy presentation.
  • Going through each slide and every presentation to ensure your language use is consistent. If your presentation uses special terms or terminology, their translations should be consistent… but checking that yourself means wasting more time.
  • Feeling unproductive due to slow or poor communication with the people who help you with the translations. Passing the text and instructions from one person to another could take quite a bit of back-and-forth if there’s no structure to it.

Ultimately, you would lose money due to repetitive tasks and ineffective workflow.

Just by using one tool, you can translate your PowerPoint files up to 60% faster and save up to 90% in translation costs.

Redokun combines three important features into one simple tool so you can streamline your PowerPoint translations right from a browser. Just by using one tool, you can:

  1. Manage all your documents and teams at a glance.
  2. Collaborate with different people in real-time.
  3. Translate faster with computer-assisted translation.

By having everything in one place, you and your team will have a clear and easy process for translating PowerPoint files. As a result, you can deliver multilingual presentations quickly to your target audience - all while staying within your budget and deadlines.

Translate your first PowerPoint presentation on Redokun today! It only takes a second to activate your free trial and we don’t ask for your credit card information.


How does Redokun work?

Here's a quick video of how to translate your PowerPoint on Redokun. If you prefer, you can also continue scrolling for the step-by-step tutorial.

1. Upload your PowerPoint document

Log in to Redokun on your browser and upload your PowerPoint document.

Take a break from those tired copy-paste keys as Redokun automatically extracts the text into neat segments for you.

2. Select your target languages and team members.

Select one or more languages for your translation project. Redokun currently supports more than 100 languages.

After that, you can assign your translators for each target language by entering their email addresses. They will receive an email invite to access the document on Redokun and start working on it.

add languages redokun
choose translator redokun

3. Translate your text without distractions.

Redokun extracts your PowerPoint content and leaves only the text so you can focus solely on the translating part.

The text is organized into neat segments, which your team can start translating in Redokun's Web Editor.

In the Web Editor, you’ll have direct access to powerful tools like machine translation and translation memories. Both give you instant translation suggestions in just one click. I'll explain more about this in the next section.

It's also your space for real-time collaboration, just like in Google Sheets.

translate powerpoint online redokun
While translating your PowerPoint on Redokun, your team will also see page previews on the left of the screen. Previews give them important context about the document, such as where a segment would appear in the slide. Having this information helps them produce better translations.

4. Check and confirm the translation

Once all the translation boxes have been filled out, your team can do one final check and leave comments if there are any segments that need more work.

After that, click Confirm.

5. Download your translated PowerPoint file - with all the original formatting

Lastly, you can download the translated version of your PowerPoint file once everything is complete.

Your original layout, graphics, and styles will stay the same. The only difference is the text, which will be in the new language.

Maximize your time and cost savings by translating on Redokun

Redokun is designed to help you be more productive while translating your PowerPoint file.

✅ Get instant translation suggestions from top machine translation service providers

Under each segment, you can select suggestions generated from Google Translate and DeepL.

9 out of 10 times, you can use these suggestions without needing to change anything.

Even when they aren’t perfect, you can still save time by improving a suggestion rather than coming up with the translation yourself.

✅ Reuse past translations for repetitive segments in just one click

Save time and improve your consistency in translating your terminology and special phrases.

Every time you approve a translation on Redokun, it’s saved into your Translation Memories.

As it grows, you can get accurate translation suggestions in future documents where the text is repeated from a previous document. That means you won’t ever pay someone to translate the same thing twice.

Independent tests show that using Translation Memories can boost your productivity by 10% to 60%.

Pre-translate your whole PowerPoint presentation so you only have to check for quality

Start your project on a positive note (and not on a blank slate) by automatically translating the entire presentation.

This way, you can focus your efforts on polishing the translation. You can pre-translate a whole document using your Translation Memories, Machine Translation, or both.

Exchange feedback quickly when and where it is most needed

Communicate effectively with colleagues or vendors so everyone knows what they need to do to make the project a success.

You can leave general comments on a document to brief your collaborators on the project. Or you can also share feedback directly on specific sentences or segments within the document.

It’s very easy to start using Redokun, even if you have never used a translation tool before.

Redokun fits into your workflow seamlessly. It’s easy to use and requires no training - which are the top reasons why our clients keep using this tool.

When you onboard new people to your translation project on Redokun, they won’t need to install any additional software that slows down their system.

Just a basic browser and they can start translating and collaborating together.

How easy it is to use Redokun? One Redokun user said that out of the 20 translators he invited to a project, only 1 asked him for further instructions on how to use the tool.

In other words, you can have everything up and running within minutes, even if it’s a complex project involving multiple people.

What else can you do with Redokun?

  • Translate other types of documents and keep their formatting, including InDesign, Word, Excel, HTML, XLIFF, SRT subtitles, and more.
  • Upload revisions of your document and automatically notify all your translators of any new text to translate.
  • Import your existing Translation Memories from another tool.
  • Edit your Translation Memories to apply new and improved translations to all documents affected by the change.

We provide fast support that you can count on.

While we always strive to make Redokun easy to use, we’re ready to help if you have any questions about the tool. Feel free to schedule a call or demo with us. You can also find us through the site chat.

Even if you’re on a trial plan, the same quality of support extends to you.

See who’s already using Redokun to speed up their workflow.

Here are some of our clients who gave us permission to display their logos on our site.

companies that use redokun

Join these successful companies in using Redokun to scale their document translations for bigger markets.

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