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Translate your manuals effortlessly

Streamline your process of translating manuals with a simple tool that helps your team save more time. Focus only on translating your content rather than fixing your design across all languages.

  • Simplify Your Workflow
  • Accelerate Your Translation Process
  • Automatically Preserve Your Document's Layout
  • Track Your Progress with Ease
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Text organized for translation
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Instant 1-click suggestions

Simplify your translation workflow from day one

You can start using Redokun easily without extensive training. The simplicity of our UI helps you onboard your entire team quickly, so they can focus on getting things done and delivering results.

Upload a document and select the target languages
Invite your team to start translating
Start translating right in your browser wherever you are – no software installation needed

Accelerate your translation efforts

Use Redokun’s simple AI translation tools to produce high-quality documents quickly while shortening your time to market. Content that used to take your team months to produce, now only takes a couple of days to finish.

Translate entire documents in seconds with automated AI suggestions, as well as translations you’ve approved in the past
Invite your team to start translating

Track the progress of all your languages easily

Translate, update, and exchange feedback on your documents all in one place. When you need a status update, just log into Redokun to view the progress of all languages, and ping team members to ensure they’re on the right track, no matter where they are.

Supercharge translations with
AI suggestions

Redokun takes care of the tedious tasks that you don't have the time for

1. Upload your manuals.

  • Log in to Redokun on your browser and upload your document. You can upload InDesign, Word, FrameMaker, Illustrator, PowerPoint, and many other types of file.
  • Take a break from those tired copy-paste keys as Redokun automatically extracts the text into neat segments for you.
  • Select one or more target languages for your translation project.
  • After that, you can assign your translators, colleagues, or partners for each target language by entering their email addresses. They will receive an email invite to access the document on Redokun and start working on it.

2. Translate your text without distractions.

  • Redokun extracts your manual content and leaves only the text so you can focus solely on translating the content.
  • The text is organized into neat segments, which your team can start translating in Redokun's Web Editor.
  • Your team will also see page previews on the left of the screen. Previews give them important context about the document, such as where a segment would appear in the slide. Having this information helps them produce better translations.

Page preview available for InDesign and PowerPoint files only.

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Text organized for translation
Translation box
1-click suggestions
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Translation Memories from your previously approved translations
Machine Translation suggestions

Boosts translation productivity with instant 1- click suggestions.

Redokun helps your team translate faster and better with simple yet powerful translation tools, including Translation Memories, Machine Translation, and Glossary. Get instant AI-powered translation suggestions, and quickly reuse and repurpose your past translations when working on new documents. Projects become more efficient, cost-effective, and consistent across all content.

3. Download your translated manual - with your original layout and design intact

  • Lastly, you can download the translated version of your manual once everything is complete.
  • Your original layout, graphics, and styles will stay the same. The only difference is the text, which will be in the new language.
Use Redokun for more than just manual documents

Translate InDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, and others without compromising formatting and layout.

Risk-free to test.

Easy to use.

No training required.

  • Easy to use, even for busy marketing teams.
  • No installation needed - it simply works in a browser.
  • 14-day free trial.
  • 30-day money-back policy if not satisfied.
Redokun makes my life much simpler. And the more you use it - the more it helps you!"
Alessio Toniolo - Marketing Manager

Streamline your translation workflow with zero downtime. Discover how.