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Simplify your translation process

1. Upload Document

Create your document in InDesign and upload it to Redokun.

2. Translate Text

Translate the text online or offline. Work with translation vendors or collegues.

3. Download Translated Documents

Download your translated files from Redokun in InDesign format – with all the original styles intact.

A straightforward process

Because the word ‘final’ does not mean the same thing to a designer as it does to a translator.

Focus on getting the text translated.

Redokun extracts all the text from your file and lets you translate it. When your translators are done you can download the translated InDesign document.

Forget copy/paste and messy workflows.

Extract the text and re-import it back once it’s translated in seconds, not hours.

No more mistakes and downtimes.

Redokun saves translations in a database for future use so you always use the same translations and increase consistency.

Translate online or offline.

Redokun adapts to your needs. You can combine both internally-made translations and the work of external vendors.

Fast implementation across the organization

Allen Venables
“This is when I discovered Redokun and all I can say is wow – it is a breeze to set up and use and has saved us so much time and money and worth every penny of the investment.”
Allen Venables
Head of Studio @ EC English Language Schools

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Deal with document changes, quickly

Never get stuck again on neverending revisioning sessions. Apply changes to all the translated files in seconds without any manual work using Redokun’s revisioning features.

Without Redokun, every last-minute change or document’s revision requires lots of manual work – editing takes too much time.
With Redokun, focus on updating only the document in the base language in InDesign. Then upload it to Redokun to update graphic or content changes to all the target languages – and translate only new text.

Trusted by global companies all over the world

Many successful businesses already use Redokun on a daily basis to translate their InDesign files

Ambra Lazzari

Be precise in your Marketing Material

“With Redokun the time to market is almost immediate and we can manage several languages at the same time!”
Ambra Lazzari
Marketing @ Pfannenberg Group

Save time with User Manuals

“It saves half of my time. Now I can focus on the quality of the user manuals.”
Alessio Toniolo
Technical Writer @ Martini Srl
Alessio Toniolo

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