7 InDesign tutorials to dramatically improve your skills

by Stefano Bernardi

InDesign has been around for quite some time now (almost 20 years!), and it’s still the leading tool in the desktop publishing field. Even though most companies embraced the web as the new go-to media, printed media is still very relevant and strong. (Fun note, looking at Google Trends, “PDF” is getting even more popular lately, despite not being the most mobile-friendly file format around).

To this day knowing how to use InDesign is still a very valuable skill to have and given that it’s a very complex software, knowing the ins and outs of it can dramatically improve your productivity.

At Redokun, in the last few months, we released a few InDesign tutorials centered around the most popular topics in the community. Some are tutorials for beginners, some are more advanced. Here they are:

  1. The best InDesign scripts (100+ in total)

Scripts can greatly improve productivity while automating receptive tasks for you. We compiled a comprehensive list of the best InDesign scripts out there (updated in 2017).

  1. InDesign Data Merge (with some advanced tips)

This is possibly one of the most interesting and commonly used features when making pricing tables, simple brochures, catalogs, etc.

  1. InDesign CC 2017 Shortcuts (Printable cheat sheet)

Want to be faster and more proficient with InDesign? Then learning its keyboard shortcuts is probably the place to start.

  1. Import a Word file to InDesign

Did you know that you can import a Word file into InDesign while mapping its text styles? Also, you can import the Word file as a link, so you can update it later and sync the content from the Word file to InDesign.

  1. Create a TOC (Table of Contents) in InDesign

Table of contents is one of the most popular features of InDesign. It allows the user to keep a TOC automatically updated when the structure of the document changes. You can even have multiple TOCs inside an InDesign document.

  1. 6 Steps you should take before sending an InDesign file to translation

Ever needed to translate an InDesign file? Not sure if your file is translation-ready? Then this InDesign tutorial is for you. In order to easily work on a project with several languages in InDesign, you should keep in mind a few best practices before sending the file to the translators.

  1. Link an Excel file to InDesign

Have you ever needed to frequently update a table in InDesign? In this tutorial, you’ll see how to link an Excel file to a table inside an InDesign file and keep the table styles intact even when the content of the Excel files changes. No more copy and paste sessions!

Stefano Bernardi
Stefano Bernardi

Stefano has worked on numerous mid to large–sized InDesign projects for Alstom, DeLonghi, Philips, and many others before starting Redokun in 2015.
As Redokun’s Co-Founder, Stefano spends most of his time helping customers to optimize their InDesign work-flow. He also holds in-house InDesign courses for companies in the Venice, Italy area.

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